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Cameroon laments potential dissatisfied investors, but faces government distrust

For the first time, President Paul Biya of Cameroon sent a delegation to Europe, urging the wealthy Cameroonians living there to invest in their homes. However, members of the Diaspora in Cameroon say that the undemocratic practices and corruption of the Beer government have put off investors.

Government officials say a delegation led by Minister of Youth Affairs and Civil Education Moonouna Foutsou was sent to Germany this week to ask Cameroonians to invest in their country of origin.

Foutsou said that all Cameroonians in the Diaspora want to set their differences aside and help the development of Cameroon.

"The Head of State called on the Diaspora of Cameroon to come and build a Cameroon. Take this opportunity to interact with the entire Cameroonian Diaspora here in Europe and the Diaspora of Cameroon is back. The President of the Republic and his government to be able to participate in the development of the country, "said Foutsou.

Foutsou said the government will provide up to 40 percent tax exemption for the diaspora. Investing in Cameroon, and back to investing in agriculture and livestock, a non-interest-bearing loan of up to $ 10,000 for Diaspora youth.

Kennedy Tumenta is a Cameroonian investor living in Germany. It is difficult for him to trust the government's promises.

He said corruption, high taxes and lack of confidence in President Biya, who has been in power for 40 years, scare investors.

"Freedom is re-strict, they are afraid to move around Cameroon to do business and speak freely. Most diasporas are involved in opening a country in the country, or northwest- If the Southwestern crisis is not taken seriously by the government, we believe there is widespread corruption. It frustrates them and the only way to express this frustration is to withdraw their investment in the country or It's about attacking the head of state, "Tumenta said.

Since 2016, separatists have fought to open up an independent English-speaking country, primarily in French-speaking Cameroon. According to the United Nations, 3,300 people were killed in the battle.

Some disgruntled Cameroonians in the Diaspora have been hostile to the government, and since January 2020 at least seven Cameroonian embassies have been attacked or looted.

Felix Mbayu is the Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Cameroon. External relations. He said the Cameroonians participating in such protests are damaging the image of the country.

"The people who unfortunately left Cameroon and couldn't make it happen are those who speak badly about Cameroon. They left Cameroon, left to make much of their lives better, and came back there. There are people. There are doctors who build hospitals, clinics, and bring back medical supplies to invest in Cameroon. Not seen in idle marches abroad. In fact, in their own homes. When you speak badly, you hurt your own image, "Mbayu said.

An estimated 5 million Cameroonians live abroad. The government says the largest diaspora population is in Nigeria, where about 2 million people live.

Belgium, France, Germany, United Kingdom and the United States also have high concentrations.