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Can you spot the kitten hiding in this tightly packed bookshelf?

A picture of a cluttered bookshelf is worth more than 1,000 words.

His one image on a crowded shelf is said to reveal a real-life cat somewhere in countless books and other chotchikes, but more than a typical pet portrait. Cunning creatures are much more difficult to find.

This photo was originally shared by her WNYC editor Katie Hinds on June 7, 2020. "Find a cat today,", she captioned theillusion. This garnered hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets at the time.

"I confessed to cheating and found the answer in my reply,"replied Washington She to Post columnist George Conway.

It has since been re-shared on social media, further fueling its viral notoriety for baffling anyone tackling the challenge.

cluttered bookcase
Katie Hinds/Twitter

"Find the cat hiding in this picture. It's actually really, really hard," claimed Christian Rodriguez , a video game vlogger with 1.6 million followers on TikTok, in a post last fall. The hidden cat puzzle has earned him over 12,000 views on his account @therodrigueztwins.

[Warning: spoilers below]

Have you found the cat yet? Here are some tips: Fur is white.

Those familiar with cats know that curious creatures love to explore small spaces. And a TV media console creates an unpretentious nook.

"I had five minutes of silence while my 8-year-old was looking for a cat (laughter),"city editor Harry Siegel tweeted Hines. I wrote to

cluttered bookcase
Katie Hinds/Twitter

Sure you are at least as smart as a second Hey - graders if you find cat paws hanging from under your TV.

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