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Canada signs $ 15 billion deal on indigenous child welfare flaws

On Monday, the Government of Canada signed a $ 15.5 billion agreement to compensate indigenous children and families affected by chronic child welfare funding shortages. He said he had signed.

The First Nations plenary session and the plaintiffs in two class proceedings have agreed to the transaction.

Government Agency Indigenous Services Canada said the reconciliation was the largest in Canada's history.

"The parties have agreed to a plan to resolve compensation claims to recognize families and people who have been severely damaged through discriminatory and systematic racist child welfare practices." Said Patty Hajdu, Minister of Indigenous Services.

The settlement accounts for half of the total $ 31.1 billion transaction, including five-year funding for the First Nations Child and Family Services program aimed at reforming Canada's child welfare system. increase.

The settlement continues to be approved by the Canadian Human Rights Court and Federal Court.

Cynthia Woodhouse, Director of the Manitoba Region of the First Parliament, praised the deal.

"And in 30 years of advocacy and months of negotiations, on behalf of AFN, we have reached another historic milestone for our children and their families. I'm proud, "she said in a statement.

The First Nations Children and Family Care Association and the First Nations Council have compared services provided to children in other communities under the Canadian Human Rights Act of 2007. Complained, claiming that indigenous child welfare services were chronically underfunded. ..

According to 2016 census data, less than 8% of Canadian children under the age of 15 are indigenous, while more than half of foster parents under the age of 15 are indigenous. Is a young man.

In 2016, the Canadian Court of Human Rights ruled that the federal government discriminated against indigenous children. The government appealed the ruling, but the court upheld the ruling.