Joel McHale has It feels just right to go back to E!, right? The former host of The Soup is back with Celebrity Beef. is a new game show where two feuding celebrities go head-to-head on a cook-off to squash the beef. McHale adds a touch of his signature mayhem through his hilarious commentary and various mini-challenges he devises to further test the contestants. and the losers are punished by helping or hurting them while reminding them of their cooking time. Donated. Not bad for a few hours in the kitchen!

In this exclusive clip, Bachelor His Nation fans get a glimpse of Nick Viall and Ben Higgins competing in an intense round of Bachelortrivia. In host mode, McHale asks: When Ben answers simply and accurately, "Yes," Viall protests, "Whose name don't I have to say?" McHale answers calmly. The research was not very advanced. After Viall missed a question about whether Higgins did his skinny dipping on camera during his season (Higgins didn't), it's clear that Higgins is destined to be his master in trivia. .

After McHale jokingly threatens to take the sausages of Violet's cooking, he reveals Violet's true punishment. He has to hold a bouquet of roses in his hand while he tries to cook his dish. Two Bachelor studs are off to the races after a fake rose ceremony where Higgins presents a rose in a vial (and sweet kisses)! Tune in tonight at 10pm. E.T./PT! To find out who will win!