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Mason Reese, a child actor abandoned by a model after a confession of libido

Mason Reese was abandoned by his much younger girlfriend — the number he brutally claimed she wasn't the best lover ever. days after.

Reese — a 57-year-old ex-child actor who gained fame after appearing in a series of popular commercials in the 1970s — began dating OnlyFans modelsSara Russi,29. did. 2019.

But Russi ended the relationship last week after Reese made a rude remark about her bedroom skills in an episode of the web TV series"Love Doesn't Judge."

"It was messy," Russi admitted in an interview with Femailon Wednesday. "He said something meaningful to me, and I said something meaningful to him, but our relationship sadly became like a roommate."

The couple's three-year romance has attracted a lot of media attentionbecause of the striking height differences as well as the age differences.

The lease is only 4 feet -10 and uses a full-time mobility scooter. Russi was seen many times in the car with a young beauty and was forced to fend off the Gold Digging accusation.

Reese and Russi are pictured back in 2019, just months after going public with their romance.

In an episode of "Love Don't Judge" released on YouTube last week, Reese is asked if Russi is the best lover ever.

"I'm not the best I've ever had. Let's say that," Reese replied shyly to use her self-deprecation to escape her question.

Russi, sitting next to her partner, looked shocked and she replied, "Did you say I was?"

"I don't remember saying that," Reese snapped back, followed by annoying discussions on the screen.

Reese shot to fame in the 1970s, when he appeared in a slew of popular commercials for companies including Dunkin' Donuts.
Courtesy Everett Collection
Russi has a raunchy OnlyFans account, where she shares sultry snaps and videos with her paying subscribers.

Also, they talked earlier about their mismatched lust in the past.

Reese admitted in 2019 that she was often more horny than a young Russi who couldn't keep up with her insatiable appetite.

"I have a little high libido — I've always been a libido guy. I know I don't look like that, but I do." ,A pint-sized star declared in an interview with the British breakfast program "This Morning".

"We have sex twice a week on average," Reese added. "I may be happy [three times a week] three times, but two times is a good compromise for me."

Russi, who appeared in the same interview, said two times a week. Once, I confessed that I felt "very often" sleeping with a man.

The pink-haired beauty isn't wallowing over the end of her relationship with Reese. She's revealed she's already dating another Instagram influencer.

Russi — its filthy OnlyFans account boasts tens of thousands of followers — doesn't waste time tired of her split from Reese.

"The relationship with Mason [Reese] began to feel like a friendship, so I ended up having a conversation after the last episode of" Love Don't Judge "he commented. "She told Vermeer.

This busty model also revealed that she has already begun to meet another influencer namedThree6.

"We have a lot in common. I had to force Mason [Reese] to video, but Three6 is all about content creation, which is That's great, "Russi said. "We have more chemistry and connections."