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Climate Envoy: US Achieves Goals Despite Legal Retreat

U.S. Climate Envoy John Kelly on Friday working on other countries' efforts to reduce climate change-causing fossil fuels by retreating President Joe Biden's domestic climate change efforts. Some said they "slowed down," but he claimed that the United States would still achieve its own ambitious climate goals in time.

Kelly told The Associated Press after a major Supreme Court ruling on Thursday limited the Environmental Protection Agency's options for controlling climate pollution from power plants. The ruling raised the prospect that a court under conservative control could hamper other government efforts to reduce the country's coal, oil and gas emissions. It happened after the Democratic Party failed to obtain Biden's signature climate law through a narrowly divided Senate.

The Biden administration is currently striving to show domestic and international audiences that the United States is still making significant climate advances and can do the same as any other country. Scientists say there are only a few more years left to stop the worst levels of global warming that cause more deadly droughts, storms, wildfires and other disasters.

Biden's overseas climate negotiator, Kelly, has spoken to foreign counterparts since the Supreme Court's ruling, which some climate scientists called guts punch and disaster. Said he didn't.

"But I'm sure they'll ask me a question," Kelly said. "But my answer will look. We will reach our goal ... and the president will continue to fight for legislation from Congress."

" We are absolutely confident that we will reach our goals, "Kelly said.

Biden has promised to cut the country's greenhouse gas emissions in half by the end of the decade and to have a emission-free electricity sector by 2035. The law to move the United States to cleaner energy has allowed Biden to release large sums of money for charging stations and other moves. The EPA has promised to announce alternative regulations early next year to limit climate damage from the electricity sector.

Kelly quoted this year's continued progress in tackling climate change abroad. This includes signing a US-sponsored methane pledge for climate-harmful leaks, vents and flaring from the natural gas industry, as well as an increase in governments promising to accelerate emission reductions. It is included.

"This Supreme Court ruling ... is disappointing, but ... does not deprive us of our ability to do much of what we need to accomplish," Kelly said. Said.

"President Biden has great power to keep moving forward. We move forward. I am absolutely confident in my current ability to continue to take leadership on a global basis. ""

Kelly is also independent of government efforts, such as advances in electric vehicles and other market technologies, and the promotion of clean energy from California and dozens of other states. He pointed out that progress is being made in reducing fossil fuel emissions. Mainly led by the Democratic Party.

Kelly explained the tax credit law to encourage cleaner energy as common sense and feasible. If they failed to clear Congress, he declined to talk about the impact.

"I wouldn't be pessimistic about this," he said. "We say we had to work harder and fight harder."

China and others when the United States struggled to achieve some of its own goals. Asked if it was possible to ask the major pollutants of the country to move quickly from fossil fuels, Kelly said, "They will do their own analysis. It will probably decide if they do.

The failure of the administration to improve large-scale climate change through conservatives in parliament and the Supreme Court undermines the momentum of working abroad in climate change negotiations. Kelly argued that it wasn't. "But I think it slowed down the pace at which some of these things could happen," he said.

"If the United States can achieve more with respect to our own goals, and if we achieve it rapidly, it will put great pressure on many countries." He said.