CNN 10 - October 2, 2020


1. Name the person whom U.S. President Donald Trump nominated to fill a new vacancy on the Supreme Court, though she must first be confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

2. The dogs featured on Monday's show were being tested at Helsinki Airport in Finland for their ability to do what?

3. Name three of the six subjects that were planned for the first U.S. presidential debate between incumbent Republican President Donald Trump and Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden.

4. What role did news anchor Chris Wallace play in the first presidential debate, which was held at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio?

5. A conservationist in Maine is seeing success in his efforts to repopulate Eastern Egg Rock with what type of bird?

6. Name the non-partisan organization that has set the rules for U.S. presidential and vice presidential debates since 1987.

7. Over what body of water, which is bordered by Turkey and Russia, was a U.S. Navy flight when it was recently "buzzed" by a Russian fighter jet?

8. Arnaud Jerald, who was featured on Thursday's show, has set two world records in what extreme sport?

9. Despite some positive signs for the U.S. economy, what major industry recently said it plans to cut 32,000 jobs amid its continued struggles with the coronavirus pandemic?

10. In what Middle Eastern city is an experiment beginning in December to test an electrically powered road that could charge vehicle batteries as they pass over it?

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Football news:

Amazing time Loko: boldly came out from under pressure, were reliable from behind and attacked beautifully through Miranchuk
Semin on the goal the Beginning: Great debut. He will establish himself at the heart of Atalanta, I have no doubt
Paulo dybala: I always admired Federer, I try not to miss his matches
Barcelona will sue a journalist for making racist statements about Fati
Frank Lampard: Mendy is our number one, but everyone has the right to prove their superiority in the competition
Ex-head of Loco Naumov: We need to beat Red bull in the second leg and go from 3rd place in the playoffs Europa League
CSKA starts in the Europa League. Beat Wolfsberg?