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CNN's Daniel Dale condemns Dem Super PAC's allegations about Lauren Bobert

CNN fact checker Daniel Dale was once escorted by Congressman Lauren Bobert (Republican Party) and had two abortions on the Sugar Daddy website. Advertised her service at.

Rumors were launched online by the Democratic supermarket PAC, the American Muckrakers PAC. This Super PAC was behind the embarrassingcompromised video excavation of Congressman Madison Corthorn (R-NC).

One of the false allegations about Bobert was introduced to Senator Ted Cruz (R.-Texas) after she was hired by a member of the Koch family as an escort. There was something that was done. Bobert, who denied her claim,she threatened legal action against Super PAC.

Dale appeared on CNN's broadcast on Monday, telling her viewers that Super PAC co-founder David Wheeler said: By calling the gist of the allegations that Bobert vehemently denies.

Dale's on-air remarks were reported by theonline news site Mediaite.

"But so far, the PAC has not provided supporting evidence to prove the so-called point," Dale said.

Dale appeared on CNN's "New Day" on Monday and reported that there was no evidence to back up the allegations.

"And Wheeler got a lot of other things. "No."

Dale continued: "PAC has released a photo of a woman posing in a bed in a tight dress."

He added: "One of their anonymous sources claimed to have obtained this photo from the Super PAC page that Boebert claims to have at"

"Well, the photo is It's not really Lauren Boebert's. It's a picture of another woman. How do you know? Well, it was on that woman's old profile on the modeling website. "

" Last week, "The woman told me directly that she was herself."

Dale said, "Wearing the same dress as the old hard copy of the photo of the bed," after Wheeler suggested that the woman in question was lying. He reported that he provided more evidence, including another photo of himself.

Boebert has vehemently denied that she was a paid escort and that she had two abortions more than a decade ago.
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According to Dale, Wheeler wasn't the woman in the photo. Admitted Bobert. Dale reported that Wheeler accused "our sources of confusing it with others."

Wheeler's group also claimed that Bobert, a fierce pro-life advocate, had an abortion in the fall of 2004, but Dale denies it. I am saying.

According to CNN analysts, lawmakers also gave birth to a boy in March 2005, so "the fall of 2004 looked like an incredible timeline."

"When pointing out his son's birthday, Wheeler said the 2004 claim was a typo, even though it was posted on a social media website, and fell 2005. I said that I changed the page. " Dale.

Dale also chilled into her theory that Bobert was hired as an escort by a wealthy and powerful member of the Koch family and then introduced her to Cruz during her ski trip to Aspen, Colorado. Pour.

According to the American Muckrakers PAC, Bobert received at least $ 136,250 from Cruz, who had successfully run for Congress in 2019.

Dale said that a photo circulating online of a woman on a bed was not Boebert.

"She also met Cruz until she won in 2020. I'm denying that I've talked about it. Major. And told me that there was "no record" that Bobert used this site.

Dale also refuted her claim by American Muckraker PAC that Bobert did not report a $ 70,500 donation from Cruz.

"But that's not true. She immediately reported it," he said.

"A donation from Cruz's so-called Victory Fund, which helped more than 20 Republican candidates in the election, was made in September 2020, and Bobert's campaign was in the October 2020 quarterly financial report. Reported it. "

" It's fast, it's quick. "

Dale said there wasn't enough evidence to support Super PAC's claim in the end. rice field.

"I can't prove the truth or the mistakes of some of this PAC story about Bobert," he said.

"Theoretically, it is certain that some parts may eventually be proved accurately."

"But so far, at least The PAC has not released empirical evidence and is asking people to trust them. "

Dale added: "Given how wrong the PAC has actually released so far, I think it's pretty understandable if many people didn't feel that much trust."