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Concha: The transition of this economy's new liberal world order in "intentional"

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Joe Concha deliberately made an attempt to shift the economy to a new "liberal world order" from the "Hannity" Biden administration. Is discussing. REP. Matt Waltz: Unsurprising American pride rejected Biden's remarks about our country

Joe Concha:Scott, voters don't like the direction of the country. I would like to have a barrel stand on the weekends with 15% of people who think things are going in the right direction. Who are these people? But seriously, you see, now the press is turning on Mr. Biden, I'm reading, you know, if you spend trillions or even trillions of dollars, he's actually At the top of the trillions we already have, which should have happened the moment we tried to sell the country with this concept, you flood the system. Somehow he made this argument that it would lower inflation and deficits. And for some reason Brian Deese, the president's chief economic adviser, shouted the quiet part. Indeed, this is all intentional and has attempted to move this economic and energy policyto a new free world order. Sounds like something from the Star Wars Senate. I think that's the plan. 

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