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A Connecticut man was accused of kicking a teenage boy out of his bike, and the incident was caught on tape.

A Connecticut man was caught in a camera and arrested after being kicked out of his bike by telling a teenage boy "Get f-k out of my town". I did. According to local reports.

White Jameson Chapman attacked interracial 11-year-old Daniel Duncan on the Deep River on Monday in an ugly incident that said the victim's mother was racially motivated. According toWFSBandFox61, who have been accused of.

When Chapman accidentally bumped into them, the boy and his friends were riding their bikes, Daniel's mother, Dezalead Minique, told WFSB.

"Where did you grow up?" Chapman of Deep River was seen in a mobile phone video asking a young man. "Did you grow up in Connecticut?"

"No," the boy replied.

"No, I didn't get f–k out of my town," Chapman barked.

Chapman also pushed Daniel off his bike, saying, "WFSB and Fox 61.

" Daniel is afraid to leave the house. " The mother told WFSB. "He's afraid to leave the house."

She told the television station that the video proved that a hate crime had taken place against her son.

"After watching the video for a few seconds, I immediately fled or fought, or jumped into the car and went looking for a man," Dominique said.

A video shot by a boy's friend led to three assaults, a risk of child injury, and two nuisances to Chapman, 48,New Haven Register reported. ..

He was initially released on bail of $ 10,000, but was released by the Middletown State High Court on another court date in July, the newspaper reported.

Connecticut State Representative Christine Palm called the conflict "not conscientious."

"If the child is a resident of the Deep River, he certainly" belongs "here-and people of all colors should be welcomed as visitors."She I read a part of the statement that I tweeted.