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Video catches Connecticut thief stealing car from petrol pump in just 7 seconds

The keys to the vehicle were inside the car before thieves took off with the car.
The car keys were in the car before the thief took it away. Watertown CT Police Department

 Stealing an unused car at a gas station in Connecticut Two of his A thief was caught on camera at the station in just seven seconds. 

A brazen auto theft occurred around 10:30 a.m. Sunday at a Shell gas station on the Straits Turnpike in Watertown, Connecticut, police said. .

According to police, the keys were left inside the vehicle and the vehicle was left in motion while the operator entered the store.

Video footage released by police shows a car parked next to a black Nissan Altima. After a passenger appeared to get out of the passenger side of the Altima and jump into the driver's seat, both vehicles drove away - all in just seven seconds he was.

Police are advising citizens not to leave keys in vehicles, lock doors, and be aware of their surroundings.

"Suspect is waiting in a parking lot for someone to abandon his car," Watertown Police said in his Facebook post.

The theft happened at the Shell gas station on Straits Turnpike in Watertown, Connecticut, police said.
Watertown CT Police Station

Police said a key was left in the car that night. Before CVS another car has been stolen.

"Motor vehicle theft is on the rise throughout the town and region," police said.

Watertown is about 40 miles southwest of Hartford.