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CUNY prof. sounds alarm on ‘far-left lunatics’ running school after commencement speech

A veteran CUNY law professor has blamed the “blatant call for American insurrection” in this year’s graduate commencement speech on the school being run by a bunch of “far left, Marxist lunatics.”

Professor Jeffrey Lax, a full-time CUNY professor for 20 years, told Fox News that Fatima Mousa Mohammed’s anti-Israel call for revolution was “the most disturbing commencement speech I have ever heard in my entire life.”

But “the problem is not her,” he insisted of the radical Queens grad who called the NYPD “fascist” and accused Israel of indiscriminately murdering Palestinians.

“Students are allowed to be idiots — you’re supposed to be an idiot when you’re a student,” he said.

“The problem is that you have faculty condoning, OK’ing and pushing this forward,” he said of staff who applauded from the stage.

CUNY Professor Jeffrey Lax talking to Fox News.
Fox News

Lax, the co-founder of the Students and Faculty for Equality at CUNY, said that commencement speeches are always reviewed beforehand, which an insider previously confirmed to The Post was the case this year.

“These are lawyers! These are legal academics! These are people who are members of the Bar,” he said of colleagues guiding future lawyers.

“My take is that the administration itself is much more to blame than an ignoramus student — which she clearly is,” he told Fox.

Cover of The Post calling out the "stark raving grad" speech.
Lax called it “”the most disturbing commencement speech I have ever heard in my entire life.”

In her speech, Mohammed said she specifically chose CUNY Law because it is “one of the very few legal institutions created to recognize that the law is a manifestation of white supremacy that continues to oppress and suppress people in this nation and around the world.”

She also praised the faculty council for previously supporting the anti-Israel BSD resolution.

Lax has previously filed complaints accusing his school of discriminating against Jews — telling the Daily Mail that staying there has become a “living hell.”

“The faculty are all lunatics,” Lax said. “The unbelievable far left who are pushing for the end of America.”

Video shows faculty clapping the speech.

He blamed the Professional Staff Congress union for much of what he claims is anti-Semitic rhetoric proliferating through the school.

“The union is a Marxist organization and Marx wasn’t just a communist… he was anti-Judaism,” he told the Mail. “Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between what he said and what Hitler said.”

CUNY did not respond to a request for comment from Fox News or the Daily Mail. The Post has reached out to CUNY for comment.

CUNY brass, however, criticized the commencement speech on Tuesday after calls for it to be stripped of funding.

“Hate speech … should not be confused with free speech and has no place on our campuses or in our city, our state or our nation,” said a statement by CUNY Board of Trustees Chairman Bill Thompson, Vice Chair Sandra Wilkin and Chancellor Felix Matos Rodriguez.

“The remarks by a student-selected speaker at the CUNY Law School graduation, unfortunately, fall into the category of hate speech as they were a public expression of hate toward people and communities based on their religion, race or political affiliation. The Board of Trustees of the City University of New York condemns such hate speech.”

The statement does not say what — if any — action might be taken.

Mohammed previously declined to comment on her speech when reached by The Post at a relative’s home in Queens.