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DA Alvin Bragg takes a break for a woman allegedly involved in a video attacking a NYPD police officer

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg took a break for two women allegedly assaulted a New York Police Department officer by. Post learned that they are off-hook and downgrade other rates.

Kimberly Rivera, 33, one of the fighters charged in the brawl in East Harlem on Tuesday night, said she had dropped her alleged felony assault on three attempted assaults, a misdemeanor. Authorities confirmed.

Her compatriot Felicia Davis, 32, did even better. A spokesperson said she could eventually be issued a subpoena, but Bragg's office has completely withdrawn her charges against her.

"Once again, the Manhattan District Attorney has disappointed the good and hard-working people in Manhattan," a Big Apple police officer told the post.

"The policemen were called there by the prisoners of their house," sources smoked. "And when they try to clear the corner of the problem, the district attorney blocks the police and protects the criminals."

An uncontrollable battle broke out around 6 pm. On Tuesday, on Madison Avenue near East 105th Street, when a policeman asked Davis to stop playing loud music on the scene.

District attorney candidate Alvin Bragg speaks during a Get Out the Vote rally at A. Philip Randolph Square in Harlem on November 01, 2021 in New York City.
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When a policeman faces her Said Davis had escaped. She left her speaker behind.

When she returned, police refused to provide her ID when Davis tried to detain her, claiming she had fought with the police.

At that time, things became even stranger. Another woman, later identified by authorities as Rivera, appears to be trying to hit and spit on the policeman, as seen in a video coming behind the policeman.

Video footage shows the officer taking down the attacker.
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Unconfirmed red A man in a hoodie can be seen approaching a policeman throwing a punch, but then runs off the street and runs away.

Both women initially resisted arrest and assault and were charged with chaotic behavior.

However, a spokesperson for Bragg's office said the prosecutor was unable to rap against Riveristic because the police officers involved in Fraka could not prove that they were injured. Stated.

Officers hold back one of the women.
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The office also upheld the decision not to prosecute Davis. Against her structured "summonable non-criminal offense" that stated the case.

"During Davis's arrest, she first sought her arrest, she deliberately put her hand behind and waited for her to be handcuffed," DA's office said. Said in a statement on Thursday.

"At some point during the arrest, she temporarily put her foot on a police car to prevent police from getting her in the car, but did nothing else to prevent her arrest. I was put in a car, "said the office.

"Under the whole situation, people could not prove that Mr. Davis intentionally stopped or tried to prevent her arrest by police officers, and therefore she for the arrest of the resident.

The statement added that Davis "may be issued a subpoena for the underlying summonable non-criminal offense."

One police source who spoke to The Post didn't buy it — and said it was a 311 phone call from the community that took the police there in the first place.

"The call to 311 was due to [Davis]'s actions, and police officers were at risk," he said. "She should be held accountable."

Bragg has been attacked by critics since taking office in Januaryto reduce allegations of various crimes. Oath,Increasing reputation among police for crime. The embarrassed prosecutor later undone some changes .