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Daily Harvest was hit in a lawsuit from people who said they removed the bile sac after consuming the product

Consumer Harvest, a consumer brand that relied on a network of online influencers to promote its products, said French lentils and onions earlier this month. It collapses after the people who consume it report getting sick. Several influential peopletold CNN Business last week that they spent their time in the hospital with mysterious symptoms that confused doctors, such as severe gastrointestinal pain and extremely elevated liver enzymes.

On Wednesday, Portland content creator Luke Wesley Pearson filed a personal injury proceeding against Daily Harvest in a court in Oregon. The complaint states that Pearson was in good health and had no serious health problems before consuming the crumble.

"After consuming the daily harvest lentil crumble, the plaintiff became severely ill, required hospitalization, and endured surgical removal of the gallbladder," the complaint said. The proceedings also claimed that Daily Harvest did not do enough to warn people about the dangers of its products, "giving vague and inadequate warnings to customers and influential people."

Daily Harvest customer Carol Ann Lady also said she was hospitalized and removed her gallbladder after consuming the crushed material, after she said she was in the company. Is suing. Complaints indicate that she visited the emergency room twice in May after she consumed the product twice. She described her pain as "9 out of 10 or 10".

Lady was eventually diagnosed with liver and gallbladder dysfunction, and her doctor, according to her complaint, recommended a course of action to remove her gallbladder. Said. She had surgery on June 24 to remove her gallbladder, the court said.

In a statement Thursday, Daily Harvest said he would not comment on the proceedings in dispute, but emphasized the steps taken to address the "bad effects" on the collapse of French lentils and green onions.

"We contacted the consumer who received the product directly and instructed them to dispose of the product and not eat it. In parallel, in close cooperation with the FDA, the root cause We have launched an investigation to identify the company, a group of experts including several independent laboratories, microbiologists, toxin and pathogen experts, and allergists, "the company said in a statement. "So far, all pathogen and toxicology results have returned to negative, but we are continuing extensive testing to reach the root of this. Everyone affected is the answer. And we promise to get this right. ""

Last week, the company posted aupdateon its website with about 470 illnesses and side effects. In response to the report, about 28,000 recalled products were distributed to customers.
Daily Harvest founder and CEO Rachel Drori said in aupdateon Monday that the company "works 24/7." "Identify the root cause behind the health problem. She also said it was cooperating with an investigation from the US Food and Drug Administration." I think this is very frustrating. Is incredibly frustrating, "Drori wrote. “We will share more information as it becomes available. We look forward to hearing from you as soon as we have more information.”

The FDA will soon respond to CNN Business's request for comment on Thursday. Did not respond to. Last week, authorities said they could not confirm or deny whether an investigation not yet posted on the website was underway. However, he added that if a specific consumer guidance could be created, the FDA and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would publish an outbreak advisory that would make the guidance publicly available.

Daily Harvest was launched in 2016 and became famous on the internet after involving a large number of social media influencers to support its marketing. The companysaid in November last year thatsecured Series D funding worth over $ 1 billion.