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Dave Rubin stops Twitter and asks Mask for help after tweeting about Jordan Peterson's Twitter stop

Dave Rubin was suspended by Twitter for tweeting about Jordan Peterson's suspension.

Dave Rubin for Tweets About the suspension of Jordan Peterson, which was suspended by Twitter. (Photo by Jason Kempin / Getty Images)

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Conservative expertDave Rubinjust tweeted news about the outage from Twitter by renowned Canadian psychology professor and philosopher Jordan Peterson himself. , Revealed that it was stopped from Twitter.

On Tuesday, Rubin unveiled his outage on other social media platforms, pushing potential Twitter owner Elon Musk to "big tech censorship" from their point of view. I disagree with the statement asking you to help get rid of the "awakened activist" platform.

In a statement, Rubin wrote, "I was stopped by Twitter for posting a screenshot of Jordan Peterson's tweet, and he himself was stopped."

"It's unclear how I broke their terms of service, but it's clear that they're breaking fiduciary security to shareholders by letting many Woke activists run the company. "He continued.

Twitter is reported to suspend Jordan Peterson after Twittering about Elliot Page

Both Canadian psychologist and conservative pundit Dave Rubin were suspended from Twitter within the last two weeks. 

Canadian psychologist and conservative expert Dave Rubin has been on Twitter within the last two weeks. It was stopped. 

Screenshots provided by Rubin, shared by conservative users on social media platforms, show notifications to Twitter experts. The notice included the text of Rubin's tweet about Peterson and a recommendation to remove the tweet.

Rubin's offensive tweet from June 29th states: ..

Rubin bought Twitter and hoped to get the attention of CEO Billionaire, who is trying to reorganize the company to better protect his freedom of speech, at the end of the tweet, "Paging." @elonmusk ... "

On June 22, Peterson tweeted that transgender Elliot Page (now identified as a man named Elliot) had undergone a sex reassignment surgery by a "criminal doctor." .. "Remember when pride was a sin, and Elliot Page just removed her breasts by a criminal doctor," he wrote. 

Peterson was quickly shut down from the platform that day. 

In Rubin's July 5 statement, he also completed the purchase of Twitterwith themask, blasted the server, and humanity spread and twisted this. Also, a voluntary mental hospital.

Twitter suspended Dr. Jordan Peterson for a tweet referring to trans actor Elliot Page's given name, Ellen Page.

Twitter trances Dr. Jordan Peterson Elliot Page, the name of gender Elliot Page. ( Evan Agostini / Invision / AP, file)

The commentator said he would continue to post on other social media platforms. "In the meantime, you can find me on, the platform I created to fight big tech censorship ... more than ever."

Twitter, Facebook, and Google have repeatedly censored conservatives despite liberal suspicions

Rubin's allies on the platform Censored Twitter for his treatment.

Holy Sh-- @RubinReport has been suspended due to a post about @jordanbpeterson being suspended. Independent journalist Tim Pool wrote, "How did he break the rules?"

Conservative writer John Cardillo tweeted. Thought Police demand absolute loyalty.

New York Post columnist Douglas Murray tweeted. Does @Twitter have a future? Can you also explain if Elliott was Ellen? Or, Caitlin was once a blues.

"Peterson mentioned sex and left-wing attacks on objective reality," explained conservative writer Erielle Davidson. Later, Dave Rubin was suspended due to discussions about Peterson's suspension. Orwell's nonsense. You can think of legally rude things tweeted with a blue checkmark.

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Rubin appealed to billionaire Elon Musk to purge his company of the ideologues who are pushing big tech censorship.

Rubin has appealed to billionaire Elon Musk to wipe his company out of the ideology driving Big Tech censorship.(Reuters)