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De Blasio returns to Park Slope after an expensive long stay at the rich Brooklyn Hotel

He hasn't really left.

Former Mayor Bill de Blasio — currentlyparticipating in a crowded parliamentary race involving incumbent Congressman Mondea Jones — has returned to his current spruce -Digging up the Park Slope, Spent nearly eight years at the Gracie Mansion and then lived in the expensive Brooklyn Hotel for several months 

But don't worry, he won't get lost. De Blasio travels from the Upper East Side mansionto his favorite gym(Park Slope Y)almost every day trip, from Corson Patisserie and Baatud, and from his currently refurbished home. It's just around the corner.

He also took a walk through the nearby Prospect Park and theGreenwood Cemetery at noon

Posts on Thursday's 11th Avenue I found a former mayor in. He and his wife, Charlane McRae, moved two weeks ago after a long stay at the luxurious New York Marriott on the Brooklyn Bridge on Adams Street, he said.

His usual business casual campaign-wearing a light blue button-down shirt, light brown trousers, and a trail uniform of gray new balance sneakers, deBlasio is delighted to return to the neighborhood where they lived. He announced that he raised his daughter Chiara and his son Dante for many years.

"Beautiful. It's absolutely beautiful," he said of the area he represented in the city council before being elected public advocate. 

Former Mayor Bill de Blasio is back home in Park Slope, Brooklyn after an extended stay at a Brooklyn hotel once he left office.
Paul Martinka

"Going home is great. This is the house where my children grew up, "the former mayor spouted. "The house where my kids grew up has my heart and soul, so it feels great to be back in the neighborhood.

" This is my neighborhood. I'm here. I know a lot of people — small stores, store owners. This is the world I was born in and I really couldn't wait to come back, "he added with a smile.

Politico New York first reported on Thursday morning that De Blasio had left the hotel and returned to Park Slope.

De Blasio and his wife Chirlane McCray were staying at New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge while their home was being renovated.
Paul Martinka

De Blasio — In May who announced his run to represent the newly redrawn 10th Parliamentary District — Thursday afternoon when he was hampered bysupply chain issues. As I said, he told the post that he was "satisfied" with the refurbishment

"We were fooled by the supply chain staff because a lot of things were delayed. Everything was much slower than we wanted, "said the former mayor.

When asked which component of the house was refurbished, De Blasio replied "lots".

"This house is over 120 years old and required a lot of work, so it's ready to be the home of our rest of our lives," he explains. Did.

Former Mayor and McCray jointly own a nearly 120-year-old Nagaya on 11th Avenue — Duo This is a property that I have rented for a long timeFor tenants.

In April, Post said a 61-year-old Democrat and McRae made a Gracie Mansion an expensive hotel in early 2021 while one of Park Slope's residential properties was being renovated. First revealed that it was exchanged for. ..

According to the post, the pair was staying in one of the hotel's more modest suites, which was unknown at the time, but what about a wealthy but not luxurious couple? It was unclear if he was able to swing his stay around. For several months in an expensive 667 room building.

De Blasio said he "could not wait" to get back to his old neighborhood.
Paul Martinka

De Blasio is eligible for a 6-digit pension for 20 years .. The post reported in October  , and De Blasio was one of the 11th Avenue home pairs for a second mortgage totaling $ 615,342.

In total, longtime politicians and former first ladies are in debt of at least $ 2.5 million.

Supporting Congressional bids After a campaign event on Wednesday afternoon by the union, De Blasio told a New York Politico reporter to him and the hotel owner. I was able to agree on a contract to stay in downtown Brooklyn for 4-6 months.

The 4-star property is owned by Muss Development. is a real estate company that has won at least $ 239 million in city contracts since de Blasio took office in 2014.

On Thursday afternoon, De Blasio again mentioned an unspecified "long-term contract" with the hotel owner, but the workers were united andApple Hotel occupancy was It plummeted  {COVID-19 107 since the start of the pandemic}.

"It was okay. Thank you, Union Hotel. We had arrangements for a long stay, obviously very few guests, and we were looking for someone to stay for a long time," he said. 

Lower Manhattan-Brooklyn House In the August Democratic primary for 15 candidates, De Blasio now holds a Hudson Valley-based seat and Jones. I plan to confront with. Reportedly moved to Brooklyn on June 6 — Councilor Carlina Rivera, Euline Niou, Rep. Joan Simon, Daniel Goldman, etc.

The ex-mayor is currently running to represent the newly created 10th Congressional district.
Paul Martinka

Asked for his reaction to the report of the post about Jones  Using thepandemic perks, vote 17 times on via an agent while in France, de Blasio, remote voting, potential members on August 23 He said it was "important information" to have when heading for the vote. Still, he refused to tee off his opponent by repeatedly saying au voir to Washington, DC.

"Look, I'm not going to talk about other candidates right now. My focus is on my own message to voters," he said. "I think it was important information for people in the area to know, but they will draw their own conclusions."

During the campaign, De Blasio-Eric Adams Close relationship with the mayorrepeatedtouted – recently criticized New York City Public school funding 2 New York City Budget Shrinking $ 115 Million

Congressional candidates gave a vague answer when asked about their achievements so far.

"I've talked about this many times. He's a friend. I want to see him succeed. He's dealing with a very difficult situation. Importantly, he I think it's about putting that vision out there and doing it consistently every day, "says De Blasio.

"I can't achieve my vision in five months. He will take more time after the interview and before walking to the nearby Muse Cafe and Tea on 6th Avenue." He added.