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Diana's 61st Birthday: In Memory of the Late Princess of Wales

July 1st was born in 1961 and today is the birthday of the late Princess Diana, who is 61 years old. Mrs. Diana Spencer is depicted outside the Cole Hahn Court apartment in London on December 1, 1980, before engaging Prince Wales.

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Lady Diana Spencer kisses Prince Charles on the balcony of Buckingham Palace After the wedding on July 29, 1981. After 15 years of marriage, the couple finally filed for divorce in August 1996.


Princess Diana made an official visit to Edmonton, Alberta on June 29 with her husband. She is dressed in Canadian colors. , 1983.


On October 1st, when she visited a community center in Brixton, England, she was in Jasperconlan. Princess Diana in a suit. 1983.

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Prince Charles and Princess Diana make a Cannes movie for Galanite in Honor Arrived at the festival May 15, 1987 of actor Sir Alec Guinness.


Diana Princess of Wales, Prince William&Prince Harry visits "Soap Park" on April 13, 1993 Amusement park.

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Princess Diana arrives at the Serpentine Gallery in London Designed by Christina Stanborian on June 1, 1994 In the gown that was done.

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Princess Diana in a virgin Atlantic sweatshirt was Chelsea in London on November 1, 1995. I left the harbor club.

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Princess Diana and her sons Prince William and Prince Harry attend Hyde Park's VE memorial service May 7, 1995 in London, England.

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Princess Diana of Wales with body armor in a minefield while visiting Juanbo in Angola. Walk with a visor January 15, 1997.

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Princess of Wales giving an anti-mine speech at the Red Cross in Washington on June 17, 1997 Headquarters will be located.

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Princess Diana held the Arc de Triomphe on November 11, 1988 in Paris, France. She wears a Jasper Conran black coat and a Viv Knowland hat.

Jayne Fincher / Princess Diana Archive / Getty Images