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Disgraced Cuomo uses the campaign's financial resources to boost Queenspol at the last minute.

Shameful former government. Andrew Cuomo has finally begun to use his considerable campaign resources — giving a last-minute financial boost to veteran New York State Legislatures facing primary challengers from left on Tuesday. Post learned.

Records show that the former governor's campaign committee, which was hurt by a scandal on Saturday, donated $ 4,700 to the reelection of Queens congressman Vivian Cook. Devotion Working Families Party Support Anthony Andrews.

Cook — an 85-year-old representative of Jamaica Estates, Rochdale Village, and Springfield in Albany — was offered 11 hours of money by Queens-born Cuomo, who resigned in August during a sexual harassment scandal. Accepted support.

"Of course, we welcome Andrew's support," she told the post on Sunday. "His support is a plus. Everyone's support is a plus." 

"I've known Andrew for a long time. I'm his father [former governor Mario Matthew Cuomo], I know his mother [Matilda Cuomo]. His father was a good governor, "Cook said.

"Andrew did a lot of good things," she added about allegations of sexual harassment.

Cuomo praised the veteran lawmaker who was first elected to represent part of the South East Queens in 1990. Most of the district's black middle-class inhabitants formed an important part of the former government's political base.

Andrew Cuomo
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Vivian Cook
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"Vivian Cook has fought for decades to improve the lives of fellow Queens residents and is actually about the real problems people face. Kuomo said in a statement on Sunday: "I'm honored to call her a friend. I'm proud to support her."

Andrews— Southeast Queens' democratic district leader at York University — refused to comment on Cuomo's election donations during the final stages of the race.

The 64-year-old Democrat is a persona non grata among many members of his own party. In a recent major Democratic Governor debate, only Long Island'sUS Congressman Toms Oji said he would accept Kuomo's support, but Governor Kathy Hokul and Jumani Williams did not.

Dr Anthony Andrews for NYS Assembly
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Democratic and Republican primaries over seats in the New York State Legislature Elections — Governor and Deputy Governor — are scheduled for Tuesday, and the US House of Representatives and State Senator are scheduled for August 23.

Kuomo —resigned in disgrace A week after the Vice Governor of the State discovered He allegedly sexually harassed several women, including staff. 65}

When submitted to the State Election Commission in January, his campaign account "Andrew Cuomo for New York" was over $ 16 million in cash was. According to BOE records and officials, the former governor did not donate to any candidate in the 2022 contest before donating to "Friends of Vivian E. Cook" on Saturday.

Cook was one of 22 state legislators signed the letter in the spring of 2021 State Attorney General Leticia James completed the investigation A sexual harassment claim made to the then governor, who urged people to wait until they formed an opinion.

Cuomo repeatedly denied allegations made against him, and resigned under the threat of impeachment . Declared. 

Still, April and May deadlines for candidates to vote in primary party primaries and Total Elections passed Former Chief Executive Officer without submitting a ballot petition.

Kuomo's choice not to challenge the previous number two, Hokuru, came after he aired multiple television ads,  {87. } Had two meals with Mayor Eric Adams, met former union leadersand , and multiple churches in the non-white region of the state { If you speak at 92}  and reject from that repeats , the resurrectionis excluded.

Former Governor and his family have decades of political and community roots in Queens. His Italian-born grandfather, Andrea Cuomo, ran a store in South Jamaica, and his Briarwood-born dad began his career as a local activist and lawyer in the autonomous region.