Disney+ Fires Hugo Speer From ‘The Full Monty’ Reboot Due To “Inappropriate Conduct” Allegations


Disney +receives a complaint of "inappropriate behavior" and receives a Hugospeer from the restart of the nextFull Montyon the platform. I have decided to dismiss.

The 53-year-old actor starred as a guy in the original 1997 movie and replayed its role withRobert CarlyleandLesley Sharp. Was there.

Disney + said, "I noticed Hugo Speer's allegations of improper conduct on a commissioned set."

"Similar to the policy, the investigation has begun. It has been decided to terminate his contract immediately upon completion." According to

Deadline, a spokesperson for Speer states that he will deny all allegations and challenge them.

Full Monty, as well asLondon Kill,Britannia,Marcella, etc. There may be. AndThe Musketeers.

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