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DJ accused of playing the song "f-ked up" for the Queen of Proms in a wheelchair

The prom king and queen victory dance TikTok is viral for all the wrong reasons.

Uploaded by user Celeste Orozco on Thursday,has already been played 16 million timesClip captures the moment DJ played for Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" royal family. I did.

"When your feet don't work as before", Sealansings at the opening line of the song.

But when Prom Queen Sara Mendenhall was sitting in the middle of the dance floor, in her wheelchair, the prom audience listened to the lyrics of the 2014 blockbuster.

"The DJ knew exactly what he was doing," wrote one user.

"He said,'I got the perfect song,'" another person joked.

"The DJ slipped $ 20 for the girl in second place to play it," another speculated.

Someone said "THE RESNOWAY".

"He would have been out personally," another said.

"I'm a wedding DJ. It hurts," admitted one user. "We don't know all the lyrics for every song, but I'm curious."

"I forgot the vegan for a song like this," another person said. One commenter who claimed to be a video DJ said.

Prom queen in wheelchair TikTok

"I was so embarrassed that I would just cry and leave. I hope this doesn't ruin her night," another user sympathizes. did.

Thankfully, it wasn't.

"Hello everyone. This is me lol," wrote Mendenhall. "I thought it was really interesting and ironic. I was tryna ✨ dance ✨ so I didn't know what was being played."

Prom queen in wheelchair TikTok

"I had a great prom night and laughed a lot the next day," Orosco replied, "her best friend." "It was," he added, "stop hating."

The year and state the viral video was taken is unknown, but the post contacted Orozco for clarity.