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Drunk man loses two USB drives with 460,000 personal information

The data from the drives included the names, dates of birth, phone numbers and bank account numbers of the city of Amagasaki in western Japan.
The data from the drive included the name, date of birth, phone number and bank account number of Amagasaki City in Western Japan. rice field. Photo courtesy of Peter Forest / Getty Images for MoveOn & Emmett Till Legacy Foundation

There is a possibility that it is a USB drive.

A Japanese man wakes up in the street after a liquor-fueled vendor and finds that he has lost two USB flash drives containing the personal information of more than 460,000 people. The

data included the name, date of birth, phone number, and bank account number of Amagasaki City in western Japan, according toJapan Times.

After work on Tuesday, an unnamed employee went out to Suita next door with a bag containing two USB drives. After drinking for a few hours at the

bar, he claimed to have come on the streets early Wednesday without his bag.

Employees were hired by a company that helped develop a COVID relief fund for tax-exempt households in the city. He reported to police the same day that he had lost his bag and USB drive.

Fortunately, the city told the newspaper that the data was encrypted, password protected, and there was no evidence that the data was leaked.

On Friday, an employee and a Suita police officer put a bag outside the apartment building where both USB drives are still inside.

The blunder urged an apology from the city authorities.

An official from Amagasaki City said at a press conference, "I deeply regret that it has greatly damaged public confidence in the city administration."