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The Duffer brothers publish upside-down photos to create spin-offs, stage play, and more for Netflix's Stranger Things.

Stranger ThingsCollaboratorsMattandRoss DufferannouncedWe have launched Upside Down Pictures, a new production company that doubles our brotherhood with Netflix. The deadlinereports that the Duffer brothers used the BBC and MRC veterinarian Hillary Levitt. Down photo. The team has already done a number of major projects working on Netflix, including the aforementionedStranger Thingsspin-off, Stephen King's adaptation to Stephen Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment, and the live-action television version of the Hit Cartoon series {22. I have} Death Note, and even a stage version of Stephen Daldry'sStranger Things.

In a recent Netflix press release, the Duffer brothers revealed in an upside-down photo that they "aimed to create a story that inspired them to grow." A big spectacle coexists with the work of an intimate character, and encounters the extraordinary thing that the mind wins ironically.

Duffers are reported to be taking a break before writing the fifth and final seasons ofStranger Things, but there are already many new projects. Are lined up. It is classified as an upside down photo. According to Deadline, these include the live-action television version ofDeath Note(which is strange because Netflix has already tried the live-action movie version), and the original series ofThe Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance {. It will be. 35} Graduates Jeffrey Addis and Will Matthews, and Stephen King'sTalismanpreviously announced adaptations. It was created by the writer Curtis Gwinn ofStranger Thingsand co-produced by Steven Spielberg. .. Also, "A new stage drama of the myths of the world and Stranger Things, produced by UK-based prolific stage producers Sonia Friedman, Stephen Daldry, and Netflix," and the mysteriousStranger Things. There is also aspin-off series. Duffers claims that only Finn Wolfhard understands the underlying concept.  Dustin and Mike in Stranger Things 4

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The Duffer brothers were relatively in the television world when they first sold theStranger Thingsto Netflix. I was a beginner. Prior to the Stranger Things,they were strictly movie guys, co-directing some shorts and the movieHidden. In a recent interview with Kate AurthurfromVariety, they explained that while pitching the studio, they continued to hear that it was the series that they were really interested in. The brothers are M. He wrote a gig at Night Shyamalan'sWayward Pinesand used his experience to adapt the film's ideas to what would becomeStranger Things. 

Today,Stranger Thingsis officially the original of the most popular English Netflix television ever. This series is exactly the definition of a company's big event. So it makes perfect sense that Netflix wants to double with the Duffer brothers. What is still unclear is whether the mysterious person can recreate the success of theStranger Thingsmonster, or whether it was a lightning bolt at the moment of the bottle. One of the promising signs is that Duffers outsources the overall daily operations of Upside Down Pictures to a qualified Hillary Leavitt. According to a Duffer's statement, the brothers and Levitt have a common love for movies such as "Jaws, Home Alone,Speed ​​". Therefore, while Duffers is in charge of the big finale ofStranger Things, Levitt is working on other projects under development.

However, Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and her friends still need to take on Vecna, and the Duffer brothers will stick to Netflix.