Eddie Deezen

Photo: Everett Collection

Eddie Deezen, best known for his role in Grease and its sequel Grease 2. The accused actorwas deemed unfit to stand trial for alleged nursing home break-in and robbery. Diezen is considered a danger to himself and those around him, according to a commitment order obtained by TMZ.

He is currently with the Maryland Department of Health, is being treated for an unspecified mental disorder, and will stay until a court determines he is fit for release, TMZ reports. doing.

Deezen was arrested and charged with fourth-degree burglary, two trespassing and one sedition charges after an incident at a nursing home in which he broke into a private residence in April. was. institution.

He allegedly "brought into" the facility and refused to leave until police arrived and arrested him,TMZ reported at the time. Diezen allegedly made several previous stops at the residence and left items and notes there.

In its latest report, TMZ says his Deezen fees have been reduced. He is now facing assault and disorderly conduct charges.

Diesen is best known for playing Eugene his Felsnick in his two films of Grease , but his His acting career is not limited to musical films and their sequels. GreaseFollowing the success of Diesen, The Facts of Life, and many others throughout his eighties. I have been in shows and movies. } Wargames,Magnum, P.I., Punky Brewster and Beverly Hills Vamp 

He later worked on animation projects, Johnny Bravo,Recess,Dexter's research where,new, Scooby-Doo? and Kim Possible. The role of is this year's appearance in Bijuu Mike, where he plays the Hungry Pumpkin.