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England had its driest July in nearly 90 years

Climate change increases risk of extreme weather

London — England's normally green grassy parks have turned yellow. Even the place known as the headwaters of the mighty Thames has dried up for the first time in decades.. There are few, and the temperature continues to be high.

The UK government's Environment Agency has warned that if dry conditions persist, "much of England will suffer drought."

Farmers were hit hard by a combination of low rainfall and successive heat waves. Some are already seeing a decline in yields. Vegetables such as broccoli and brussel sprouts need to be planted now for a winter harvest, but because much of the land is dry, some farmers are delaying planting new crops.

97} Some people move on without knowing how long they will survive. 

Cows eat straw and grass silage which is normally a winter feed, in Harpole
A farm at Harpole near Northampton, England, where cattle feed on straw and grass silage, usually winter fodder August 10, 2022. Due to the hot, dry weather and lack of fresh pasture, the cow has been fed supplementary food since the beginning of his August. ANDREW BOYERS/REUTERS

A dry environment is also affecting livestock farmers. In the fields where the cows graze, the grass they are supposed to be eating has dried up. Similar to the USmany UK and European farmers are already using winter forages, which can cause problems later in the year.115}

Much of continental Europe is suffering from a similar situation, with droughts and heat waves shrinking waterways, cracking farmlands and intensifying wildfires.

According to the European Drought Observatory, more than 60% of the land in the EU and the UK combined is now warned or warned of drought.

A senior European Commission scientist warned that Europe would suffer its worst drought in 500 years.

Wildfires are scorching thousands of acres of crater dry bush and destroying homes in Spain, Portugal and France.

French officials have already declared it the "most severe" drought on record. Dozens of municipalities have run out of drinking water supplies, forcing them to rely on tanker trucks for water, authorities said.

In Germany, the water level of the Rhine River has dropped so much that it is becoming difficult for ships to transport commodities such as coal and gasoline. It is desperately needed in the midst of soaring global energy prices.

Some ships are forced to carry only 25% of her normal cargo capacity to avoid running aground.

Scientists say that heat waves are increasing more rapidly in both frequency and intensity in Europe than in most other parts of the globe, and that human-induced climate change is contributing to these changes.

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