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Environmental groups continue to push for extreme measures amid the global energy crisis

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Environmental groups continue to support and protestextreme policies to combat climate change during the global energy crisis.

Organizations such as the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Sunrise Movement, and the Federation of Conservation Voters have doubled the promotion of the Green New Deal, the sale from fossil fuel projects, and the ban on oil and gas production. However, high energy prices and fuel shortages, primarily caused by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, are threatening the lives of millions of people around the world

"Europe. Concerns about energy shortages and rising fossil fuel costs Americans are experiencing both signs of continued reliance on fossil fuels, "said Kelly Sihan, senior director of the Sierra Club's energy campaign. Told Fox News Digital in. "As long as we rely on unstable world commodities such as oil and gas, we are always vulnerable to the whims of geopolitics and greedy fossil fuel executives."


"The current situation only emphasizes the need for a rapid transition. Clean energy and energy. By making bold investments in efficiency, we will contribute to the clean energy economy as much as possible. We will not double the same dangerous fossil fuels that have plunged into the current turmoil, "she continued.

Activists hold signs calling for President Joe Biden to support a Green New Deal in St. Paul, MN on Jan. 29, 2021. 

Activists tell President Joe Biden 2021 1 Green New Deal in St. Paul, Minnesota on January 29th.  ((Tim Evans / NurPhoto via Getty Images))

In the United States, average gasoline and diesel fuel prices hit record highs this month. However, high prices for natural gas are expected to push upand electricity prices this summer. European countries, on the other hand, have been forced to increase their reliance on coal as a result of Russia's control of the continent's natural gas supply.

Price and supply instability has led to new calls from the fossil fuel industry, Republicans, and some Democrats to increase domestic oil and gas production.

The US is in a "recession crisis", oil analysts warn

But the Sierra Club continues to be coal-fired To thwart termination and oil and gas project development. It also claims that banks will sell from fossil fuel projects and the federal government will stop leasing public land to oil companies.

"Public lands and waters should not be threatened by oil and gas drilling," the group said on its website. "We strive to protect these special areas from legislative assaults and federal rollbacks that could expose them to exploitation by the fossil fuel industry."

Greenpeace has held similar discussions in the United States and around the worldto promote immediate control of fossil fuel use and sale.

Greenpeace activists build a building at the Cannes Lions Creativity Festival, a major global conference for creative marketing companies in France in June to protest fossil fuel advertising and sponsorship. Enlarged. This group is one of dozens of people signing a petition filed with the European Commission to similarly insist in favor of a ban on fossil fuel advertising.

Green energy policy pushes prices higher than this summer, FERC Commission warns

"Europe produces oil and fossil gas While the bustling ground is literally burning at our feet in a way that increases the amount of energy. " The

group also advocates the abolition of nuclear power, despite being a renewable energy source. Nuclear power accounts for about 25% of Europe's electricity generation and 19% of the United States' electricity generation.

Meanwhile, the Sunrise Movement tells lawmakers that taxpayers will costtens of trillions of dollarsover a decade, according to the US Action Forum, in the House and Senate. Environmental groups have doubled the bill during the Ukrainian crisis and issued a "Green New Deal Pledge" for lawmakers to sign.

"Our government still does not pass climate legislation to respond to moments of crisis as fossil fuel companies are destroying our community and benefiting from families working on petrol pumps. "Sen," said Valsini Prakash, executive director of the Sunrise Movement, in March. .. "Still, support for the Green New Deal is higher than ever."

Biden cuts gas prices everywhere except for increased oil production

In May, Congressman Henry Queller, D-Texas, attempted by the Sunrise movement, was oil and gas compared to most of his fellow Democrats. We are taking a more relaxed attitude towards development. Prakash said Claire was "fundamentally out of sync" with Democratic values.

Claire and three other Democrats urged President Joe Biden to increase oil production in a letter in May. Texas legislators also joined last week in a letter asking the president to continue his oil export permit.

The Conservation Voters' Federation (LCV) is calling for a complete ban on offshore drilling, and policymakers say more than 80% of fossil fuels are left unburned and Congress goes through a settlement. You are being asked to pass a large and expensive climate bill. A simple majority.

"Avoiding climate-fueled extreme weather, high gas prices, and rising inflation for more and more d. Now is the time for the Senate to save family money, create high-paying jobs, and be healthier. It's time to pass a reconciliation bill for transformative climate, employment and justice to build employment. A cleaner energy future. "

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LCV is the annual "national environment" "Scorecard" has also been released. Ranked federal legislators' climate poll records in March. The report downgraded lawmakers who voted for more fossil fuel drilling and the Keystone XL pipeline.

Greenpeace, Sunrise Movement, LCV did not respond to requests for comment from FoxNews Digital.

Thomas Catenacci is a political writer for FoxNews Digital