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The Ethiopian president and a group of rebels clearly condemn each other for the slaughter of civilians

(CNN)Ethiopian President Abiy Ahmed and the rebel Oromia Liberation Army (OLA) each other after an unidentified number Several civilians were killed on Monday in the Oromia region of the country blaming the army.

According to a statement from the State-appointed Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC), the incident appears to be an ethnically targeted attack. This is the second attack on civilians in the Oromia region within a month.

According to the EHRC, the population of the villages of Mender 20 and Mender 21 in Hawageran in the Kerem Wallega Zone of Oromia is "mainly from the Amharic people", even if security forces arrived in the area. Regardless, the inhabitants are hiding elsewhere.

"Shengroup [another name for OLA] fleeing security forces threatens civilians in the west of [Welega]. In the Oromia region, [Kelem Wallega] civilians were slaughtered. . Mourning the loss of citizens. "

"We will pursue this terrorist group to the end and eliminate it with our people," he added.

The OLA denied the accusations and accused them of apparently slaughtering government militias.

"Two divisions of the ENDF (Ethiopian National Defense Force) and allied forces have taken over the town of [Kerem Wallega], including Machaara, where civilians were killed in unison by government militias because security forces did nothing. Occupied. The administration believes it can point a finger to escape accountability. " According to the EHRC, the attack will occur within three weeks of the killing of at least200 civilians in the Oromia region by the OLA army. The OLA denied these accusations and blamed government forces for the slaughter.

Last year, the OLA, which worked with the Tigrinya army against the federal government, was designated as a terrorist organization by the Ethiopian government in 2021. The group has been frequently accused of attacking civilians and targeting Amharics.

Attacks occur in recent years as ethnic tensions increase across the country.

"Continuous anxiety in the region and the killing of ethnically targeted inhabitants must be stopped immediately," said Supreme Commissioner Daniel Bekele, who repeated the EHRC's urgent request. .. Strengthen government security forces to prevent further civilian deaths in the region.