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Fake Wedding Ring Trend Soars Amid Economic Pressures

With the resurgence of weddings after COVID-19 and pressure on the cost of living, couples know the most important thing: engagement rings. is deepening

Before the pandemic, many women had their sights set on the perfect ring, usually a large stone with a hefty price tag.

But the couple is trying to break social norms and curb spending, so they are looking for alternatives.

Fake rings are making a comeback, not just for fashion purposes, but as a symbol of marriage commitment. More and more people are proposing.

Jewelery company Sterling Forever posted a reel on Instagram and now more men and women are suggesting fake rings It explains why.

This video outlines how more and more couples are jumping on this trend to avoid making mistakes like size issues or not being happy with how they received their rings.

As weddings make a comeback post-Covid and cost-of-living pressures bite, couples are getting savvy about an all-important thing – rings.

Lille said that once engaged, couples would go out and be perfect together. buy a nice ring.

While it may seem controversial, especially to recipients who are not satisfied with being proposed with a fake engagement ring, the practice has a lot of support.

"I think this (idea) is much better, but to be honest, fake rings are like ring pops or love notes hidden. It could be a paper ring, much cheaper and very cute," she said in response to the post.

Another respondent said, "I'd rather be 'fake' so I can save money for more important things."

Third Respondents responded, "Why would you buy me an expensive engagement?" A ring and an expensive wedding ring? Look at the price (of petrol) and the price of bread and call me just once.

Other viewers of the video commented on why women prefer fake rings to real ones, including practicality, not losing expensive rings, and avoiding post-proposition guilt. I came up with my own proposal.

"I feel like people do too, in case they get lost at the suggested location. A lot of them are beaches and hiking spots," suggested one Instagram user.

While this trend may be more common today, some commenters said their parents had used similar approaches in the past for personal reasons.


"My father gave my mother a garnet ring. It's her favorite, it's her birthstone, and it's dated 'Will you marry me? They went shopping for her ring together and I think it's beautiful and she's always wanted to keep it," commented one young woman.

"I proposed a Minnie Mouse ring to her mother so that her father wouldn't feel pressured. I think it's the cutest," said another.

However, not everyone sees the convenience of the counterfeit ring trend, and some say it goes against the purpose of the engagement ring as a symbol of eternal promise.

49} Jewelry company Sterling Forever went to Instagram to explain why more men and women are now proposing with fake rings.

"If she doesn't like the ring, she'll have one," said one commenter. said.

"That's ridiculous. A real man should know what his wife likes and what jewelry she wears," another post said.

"There are no fake engagement rings, only fake stones," said her third.

But a fake engagement ring doesn't necessarily indicate less commitment. Some proposers buy "promise rings" or cheaper alternatives with the intention of later buying a better one to meet their partner's wishes. Other fake rings are homemade.

Couples who already tend to buy rings together say they highly recommend the experience, regardless of their choice of ring.

"Choosing an engagement ring together was an absolutely wonderful experience and shows a very high level of compromise. That's what me and my fiancée did," one commented. the poster said.

Another said: We fell in love with rings together. ''