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Families, colleagues of aid workers killed in US strikes stranded in Afghanistan

Life in Afghanistan under Taliban rule

Years later, the U.S. government is still working to fix its last act inAfghanistanerroneous airstrikes 10 civilians, including 7 children, were killed in 1919. The terrorists had targeted aid worker Zemali Ahmadi and killed members of his family. 

After initially calling it a "righteous attack" and claiming thatcivilians were not killed,the Pentagon admitted its mistake. , an employee of the aid organization he worked for, who promised to resettle Ahmadi's family. 

Since then, the United States government has resettled 11 of his 144 people in need of this kind of assistance. I was. A senior staff attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union representing Ahmadi's family and colleagues, according to Brett Max Kaufman. 

32 remain in Afghanistan awaiting evacuation. 

Afghanistan Drone Strike
Amal Ahmadi, 32, was murdered at his family's home in Kabul, Afghanistan on September 13. His younger brother Zemerai has a photograph of his Ahmadi. , 2021. Bernat Armangue/AP

"It is not surprising that some members of Zemali's family made a fresh start in America and began picking up pieces of their lives. No doubt, it's good news... But the bottom line is that the government hasn't done enough and many of our clients are still at risk. 

Not in Afghanistan or the United States Individuals are in other places such as Albania, Doha and Kosovo and are undergoing resettlement procedures. 

Of the 11 families who arrived in the United States, the first to arrive was In May, the newest family arrived in July. 

"The Department of Defense, in coordination with other U.S. government departments and agencies, will We continue to take steps to respond to the airstrikes in Kabul," said acting Pentagon spokesman Todd Blesser. in a statement.

"To protect the family's privacy and to protect their safety and security, we are unable to provide further information about these efforts at this time."

Ahmadi An organization representing the families of Afghanistan, which had been silent while the U.S. government proceeded, spoke out before the one-year anniversary, acknowledging that there are still people at risk in Afghanistan. Decided to let the public know. 

The strike that killed Ahmadi and members of his family drove his white Toyota Corolla his ISIS-K his terrorists were planning an attack at Kabul airport According to information received by the military, it was suggested that Just three days ago, his ISIS-K terrorist attack occurred outside the airport's Abbey Gate, killing 13 US soldiers and his 200 men. More than Afghan civilians have died.  

Gen. Kenneth Mackenzie, commander of US forces in the Middle East during the withdrawal from Afghanistan, held a press conference weeks later to admit that the attack had been a tragic mistake. 

In October 2021, Undersecretary of Defense Dr. Colin Carl held a virtual meeting with Dr. Stephen Kwon, the founder and president of his NEI, who hired Ahmadi. 

According to documents provided at the time by Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby, Karl said the strike was a mistake and, in addition to helping members of Ahmadi's family who wish to be resettled, He promised a condolence money, he said. In his statement to CBS News on Tuesday, Kwon said: For those including Zemali's family and our NEI colleagues.

ACLU attorney Kaufman said in an interview that the priority would be to get the remaining people out of Afghanistan and resettled, after which talks about condolence money would continue. 

Eleanor Watson

CBS News reporter covering the Pentagon

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