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Stoneforts family filed proceedings against Bowling Green State University

A fraternity hazy death proceeding was filed

A Green State University student who died during the Bowling fraternity haze case accused the school of negligence and filed a lawsuit in court to hold them accountable.

According to a complaint in March last year,20-year-old Stonefortshad a liter of whiskey after a pledge event held by Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. I drank it. His roommate later noticed that he was unconscious. He died of alcoholism after spending three days in a coma. 

His death left a hole in the hearts of his parents, Shari and Corey Fortz, who spent last year dealing with what happened.

"Pain never goes away," Corey told CBS News. 

Eight fraternity members have been convicted of various haze-related counts. 

After Bowling Green State University "blinds" the incident at the campus, Fortz's parents, Fortz's parents, students join Fortz's life in Greece.

Foltz's family law lawyer, Rex Elliott, said the university has a moral responsibility to protect students. 

"We believe it is a case of negligence, but I also believe it is a case of recklessness," Elliott said. 

In a statement to CBS News, Bowling Green said: "The death of Stoneforts is a tragedy, and what his family has endured is unimaginable. We are determined from a legal standpoint, and as a state-sponsored university, we will take the community out of this action. Actively defend. This is our goal, a community of care that serves students and their families. ” 

After Fortz's death, BGSU makes Paikappa Alpha permanent. Banned. Ohio's public universities have adopted a "zero tolerance" policy for Hayes, and new state law has made Hayes a felony. But the Fortz family said this could not make up for the loss of his son. 

"We need to prevent this from happening to other young men, women, or families in order for us to experience the nightmares we live every day. I will do anything, "said Shari.  

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