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Federal Law Enforcement Visits Home of Former Justice Ministry Employee at Center for January 6 Hearing

Ryan J. Reilly is a justice reporter for NBC News.

Sarah Mimms contributed.

Federal Law Enforcement Agency is Virginia, a former Justice Ministry employeeJeffrey Clarkat the center of the January 6 Commission hearing on Thursday. I was at her home.

A spokesman for a US law firm confirmed that the activity took place on Wednesday.

The spokesman did not comment on the reason for the activity.

News of law enforcement activity tells the House Commission investigating January 6 how then President Donald Trump tried to use the Justice Department to overturn the 2020 election results. It arrived a little over an hour before the hearing to be investigated. .. Clark was at the center of the plot, creating a back channel directly to Trump, and beyond the head of his Justice Department boss, the Commission insisted.

Earlier testimony shows that Clark strongly believed in the false allegations that the election was stolen from Trump.

Trump considered appointing Clark as the Attorney General to assist in the post-election battle, but according to previoustestimony at the Senate Department of Justice, the Department of Justice's top executives. Threatening that several would resign, Trump axed the plan. Committee.

Las Voort, former director and president of the U.S. Office of Management and Budget, where Clark is a fellow, denounced law enforcement and called for "patriots" to support Clark on Thursday. Announced.

"In the United States, a new era of criminalizing politics is deteriorating. Yesterday, more than 12 judicial ministry officials searched Jeff Clark's house in a pre-dawn raid and pajamas him. He put him on the street in his form and took his electronics with him, "Vorto said in a statement. "I thought it was appropriate for Jeff to investigate fraudulent votes. This is not the United States."

Clark was summoned to a committee investigating the Capitol riots in October and was finally summoned. We interviewed. }, According to CNN.

The Commission's hearing on Thursday will feature testimony from former Assistant Attorney Jeffrey Rosen, former Assistant Attorney Richard Donohue, and former Assistant Attorney Steven Engel. All appointed by Trump. All three are expected to testify to Trump's efforts to make Clark a lawyer and the threat of his resignation if Clark resigns.

Meanwhile, Clark has maintained his presence in the MAGA world by appearing on Steve Bannon's podcast and posting his account on Trump's social media site, Truth Social. And while he was attacking the Commission, he was trying to raise money and was "targeted for cancellation by the bipartisan January 6th Commission, the" mainstream "media, and a gathering of left-wing law professors." I told the potential donor. He is conveniently a "Republican" who is never a tramper.