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FOX Meteorologists track heat and storms across the country on the weekend of July 4th and on the 246th birthday of the United States.

Celebration is planned from coast to coast, and in typical summer fashion, between Friday and Independence Day, some spectators dodge some rain and thunderstorms. is needed.

The weather forecasts for each region are as follows.

Northeastern weather forecast

Friday weather looks good, but it will be quite warm. For example, the temperature in New York City is about 91 degrees Celsius. These warm temperatures are expected throughout the region and also in New England.

Boston is expected to reach close to 93 degrees in the afternoon hours, with possible storms in the evening.

Saturday looks like a storm in parts of the northeast, especially from Pennsylvania and New Jersey to southern New England.

NOAA's Storm Forecast Center highlights areas most likely to be stormy, from Philadelphia and eastern Pennsylvania to New York City, Hartford, Providence, and Boston.

Most people celebrate weekend holidays, so it's important to know how to stay safe when bad weather is threatening.

One of the most important things is to have a strict weather safety plan. Check out the FOX Weather app to see if storms are included in your forecast. If so, be prepared for a thunder, hail, or tornado.

Friday will see warm temperatures across the Northeast.
FOX Weather

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Conditions are expected to be resolved by Sunday, with high temperatures in the 1980s in places like New York City.

According to the computer forecast model, July 4th can be quite comfortable in the area after the start of the weekend storm.

It's the 80's when it gets hot, but thanks to the cold front, the humidity and dew points should be more comfortable.

Severe storms are likely in a large stretch of the Northeast from Philadelphia to Boston.
FOX Weather

Predictions are along the 95th Interstate Highway from Washington to Boston. The city will reach the late 80's on Monday afternoon, before the city settles in the late 80's for the start of the fireworks show.

The 46th Macy's Fireworks Show in New York City on July 4th is scheduled to begin around 9:25 pm. Under a partially cloudy sky.

Southeastern Forecast

Southeastern temperatures are usually in the 80's and 90's, from Friday to weekends of holidays, including Independence Day.

In Atlanta, it can be as hot as about 84 degrees on Friday, jumping to about 88 degrees on Saturday, rising to 90 degrees on Sunday, and rising to 91 degrees on Independence Day.

Miami also gets hot, about 90 degrees Celsius, from weekends to Independence Day holidays.

The Southeast will see showers and thunderstorms throughout the weekend.
FOX Weather

A combination of sufficient humidity, warm temperature, and at least one cold front From Friday to Monday, there can be numerous showers and thunderstorms every day.

It's too early to determine in which city most of the rainfall will occur, but it could rain on July 4 in the Tennessee Valley, Mid-Atlantic, and Gulf communities. I have.

When it rains, precipitation has a cooling effect and is somewhat relieved of the heat of summer.

If southeastern is included in your destination plan, be sure to download the FOX weather app to track storms with your 3D mobile radar. please.

Midwest Weather Forecast

May be categorized as Midwest Locations, Locations, Locations. Rain can occur in the eastern part of the region, and heat can be seen in the southwestern part.

Fridays are usually the temperatures of the 80's in places like Fargo, North Dakota, and Chicago. Kansas City, Missouri is nearly 90 degrees cloudy.

Rain and thunderstorms are expected throughout the Midwest on Saturday.
FOX Weather

Rain and thunderstorms are expected in Fargo on Saturday. High temperature of about 80 degrees. Similar showers and storms can occur on Sundays, but temperatures drop to about 78 degrees Celsius on Independence Day.

In Kansas City, temperatures can rise and thunderstorms can occur throughout the weekend. The highest temperatures in Kansas City are 82 degrees Celsius on Saturdays, 90 degrees Celsius on Sundays, and 95 degrees Celsius on Independence Day.

A series of cold fronts in the Midwest helps to generate these showers and thunderstorms.

All major cities such as Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis can rain on Independence Day.

For now, it's not clear when the rain will end, but spectators may want to pack a poncho or umbrella in case the rain gets in the way of the celebration.

Meteorologists say that the plains are the most serious concern for temperatures well above average. Maximum temperatures can be more than 10 degrees above average. This means that temperatures can reach the 90's and even the 100's.

Western Weather Forecast

Friday seems to be the choice for a western weekend. Seattle gets hot, about 76 degrees Celsius, and is almost sunny, but as the storm system approaches, some clouds begin to fill up.

Reno, Nevada has a lot of sunlight and the temperature is about 90 degrees Celsius. In the south of Los Angeles, temperatures are expected to reach about 80 degrees Celsius.

Due to the Pacific Northwest storm system, most parts of the region are below average temperatures from weekends to Independence Day.

Seattle temperatures drop from a maximum of 73 degrees on Saturday to 67 degrees on Sunday and 68 degrees on Independence Day.

The West Coast will enjoy moderately warm temperatures on Sunday.
FOX Weather

Los Angeles also enjoys the temperatures of the 70's throughout the weekend. Saturdays have a maximum temperature of about 78 degrees Celsius, returning to 74 degrees Celsius on Sundays and rising slightly to 75 degrees Celsius on Independence Day.

Below average temperatures are ideal for parades and fireworks displays in most of Oregon, California, and Nevada on July 4.

The average maximum temperature on July 4th is usually 92 degrees Celsius in Reno and 81 degrees Celsius in Los Angeles, so most of the west is 5 to 15 degrees below average.

Showers can be scattered in the Pacific Northwest, northern Rocky Mountains, and the Four Corners region.

Southwest is the monsoon season. In other words, the influx of moisture can cause heavy rains and flash floods.

In areas where it hasn't rained recently and there is a high risk of fire, the community has banned fireworks and encouraged families to attend drone shows