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Five of the most incendiary attacks on the Supreme Court following Roe, Guns, and the EPA's ruling: "We must raise hell."

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Media personalities are justified bytheir provocative rhetoricas the US Supreme Court approaches the end of its term with numerous major judgments on abortion, gun rights, and environmental regulations. Of the court doubled by questioning sex. 

A prominent liberal person first made inflammatory statements in early May when a draft opinion overturning the Roe v. Wade case was in the hands of the media. The draft essentially reflects last month's official Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization ruling, raising national protests and questions about the right to abortion in states across the country.

Public pressure on the Supreme Court continues to rise after a 6-3 ruling that broke New York law, which requires special circumstances to obtain hidden pistols in public. rice field. The court ruled that the Constitution retains and provides the right to bear arms outside the home. Proponents of Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment cheered, but many left-wing figures argued that it exacerbated the increase in crime. 

Left-wing journalists and Twitter users have also ruled in favor of a former Washington High School football coach who was dismissed for praying from the perspective of students and family in the field by the Supreme Court. Later, it erupted. The court found that the man was engaged in personal religious compliance protected under the First Amendment Freedom Movement and Freedom of Speech. Critics have accused the ruling, claiming it is eroding the separation of church and state. 

Chicago Mayor Wrightfoot blames "toxicity in public discourse" after yelling "F --- Clarence Thomas."

In another major ruling, the Supreme Court seized power of the Environmental Protection Agency, voted on rules not explicitly given to government agencies by the Constitution, and in parliament. He insisted that it needed to be passed. Again, the media lamented this decision and said it had a major impact on the country's ability to combat climate change with environmental activists. 

Samantha Bee urges viewers to "raise hell" after the SCOTUS ruling

The Supreme Court is seen Wednesday, June 29, 2022, in Washington.

The Supreme Court will be seen in Washington on Wednesday, June 29, 2022. (AP Photo / Jacquelyn Martin)

Host Samanthaby alerts on her incandescent solitude on her TBS show "Full Frontal"The conservatives claim that they "will never rest" until they have all the rights in the United States.

"We have to grow hell in our city at every restaurant in Washington. If the Republicans made our lives hell, it's time to give back." She added.

In May, a far-left comedian claimed that the Supreme Court emphasized "clusters of cells" over "real people," predicting that women would "die." She used many descriptive texts throughout her remarks. 

She later played video clips of various Republicans criticizing protests outside the homes of many judges following the leaked draft opinion.

"I'm sorry, but as much as I can, I'd like you to f --- f --- off," said the bee. "How Republicans demand politeness when they deprive us of our civil rights."

The MSNBC segment condemns Highland Park's shootings at SCOTUS.

People gather for a candelight vigil near the scene of a mass shooting yesterday at a Fourth of July parade, on July 5, 2022 in Highland Park, Illinois. 

People at Highland Park, Illinois Gather for delightful vigilance near the scene of the shootings at the July 4th parade on July 5th, 2022.  (Photo by Jim Vondruska / Getty Images)

Oneeye-raising MSNBC segment,Georgetown University Law Professor Rosa Brooks accused the Supreme Court of complying with the Constitution in the tragic highland park shootings on Monday when she starred in "The Reid Out." 

"We still live in the world and brought it ourselves. Oops, it's because of the Russians that they should invade us. I can't say it wasn't, or oops, this is al-Qaeda. This is us. This is 100% us. This was written over 230 years ago by a small group of white slave owners. Because it's a slave to the document, "Brooks said. Host Joylead.

She claims that all recent Supreme Court decisions are "causing a huge problem" and "causing a huge tragedy" in connection with the "ancient document" she claimed. He added that he was. "

Judge MISSISSIPPI Refuses to Prohibit Abortion by" Trigger Act "

" The ReidOut "Rejects Supreme Court Throughout the Year I have repeatedly criticized it. In April, Reed himself named the Supreme Court the "White Christian Court of Justice" for taking up cases involving religious freedom. }

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas delivers a keynote speech during a dedication of Georgia new Nathan Deal Judicial Center in Atlanta, Feb. 11, 2020.

Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas of Georgia's new Nathan Keynote Speech During Dedication February 11, 2020, Atlanta Deal Justice Center.(AP Photo / John Amis, File)

Judge Clarence Thomas has received endless criticism ever since. He was appointed to the Supreme Court in 1991, and media officials occasionally resorted to racial attacks on the second African-American Supreme Court judge. Thomas is called "Uncle Claren". "ce" has been married to a white woman with a weapon against him and has seen prominent celebrities, politicians and entertainers directly taunting him. ..

The latest attack on Thomasreveals COVID-19, where some outlets claim that vaccination was created using the problem of an aborted fetus. I saw him pushing forward with the false story of forging vaccine theory. 

In 2021, a group of anonymous health care workers filed a proceeding against the state, alleging that vaccination violated their religious beliefs.

The Supreme Court refused to take the case, but Thomas, along with Judge Neil Gorsuch and Judge Arito, expressed opposition criticizing the decision to ignore the religious exemption. Thomas included an explanation of the belief of healthcare professionals that some COVID vaccines were developed using aborted fetal cells in his dissenting opinion. 

Still, Politico, NBC, Axios, USA Today and The Daily Beast initially pushed forward with the claim that Thomas himself was a supporter of this theory rather than speaking the words of others. I did.

New York Times, Washington Opinion Section strongly negatives Supreme Court's decision on abortion: Analysis

Politico's report "The vaccine that Clarence Thomas suggests for COVID has been developed using cells from" aborted children. " This article was also shared on Politico's Twitter account and was fixed later.

Axios reported with a similar title. "Clarence Thomas suggests that the COVID vaccine is made in the cells of" aborted children. " The editor's note at the bottom of the "Aborted Children." Article states, "The headline and lead in this story refer to the cells of" Aborted Children "by Thomas in his dissenting opinion. Updated to note that.

Media celebrates July 4th with an attack on SCOTUS

A general view of the atmosphere during the 2021 Coronado Fourth of July Parade on July 03, 2021 in Coronado, California. 

An overview of the atmosphere during the 2021 Coronado Independence Day parade on July 3, 2021 in Coronado, California.  (Daniel Knighton / Getty Images)

Independence Day is the responsibility of the United States and the Supreme Court for this holiday by the media.

On Monday, Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson published an article comparing abortion seekers withslaves trying to escape 


Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times editorial board argued: The Conservative Party and the Supreme Court have put the United States in a "crisis" and threatened national freedom. The Board concludes the work by declaring that stopping at the Supreme Court is actually an "act of patriotism."

That morning, the NPR, once engaged in the annual reading of the Declaration of Independence, abolished the annual tradition. Instead, it has debated the meaning of "equality" for years. The NPR facilitated podcast discussions with tweets declaring constitutional rights "attacked" by the Supreme Court and "authoritarian" figures. 

CNN, ABC, NBC panelists on BIDEN's response to DOBBS decisions: "He hasn't reached that moment"

MSNBC Legal Analyst Glenn Kirschner presents his own harsh predictions on July 4, and a recent Supreme Court ruling to overturn the Roe v. Wade case extinguishes the right to separation and privacy. Insisted that there was a possibility. 

Media claims that SCOTUS's ruling on the EPA will end the world 

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) logo is displayed on a door at its headquarters on March 16, 2017 in Washington, DC. U.S. 

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) logo will appear on the door of the headquarters in Washington, DC on March 16, 2017. US (Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)

Following a late June ruling limiting the regulatory powers of the Environmental Protection Agency, the Supreme Court "Threat to all life on earth". 

"There is a lack of words to explain this court, but above all, it is now a threat to the planet," MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes tweeted in response to the ruling. did. 

"The Supreme Court is a clear and present danger to all human life on earth," wrote Prospect Editor-in-Chief Ryan Cooper as well. 

The New York Times columnist Paul Krugman also chimed. The collapse of civilization, "he wrote. 

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The technical website Gizmodo is probably That feeling about the most transparent Supreme Court is under the heading "The Supreme Court just F --- the planet."

Similar issues were raised by New Republic climate reporter Kate Arnov, former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather, and ABC White House correspondent Mary Alice Parks. 

Fox News' Brandon Gillepsie and Lindsay Kornick contributed to this report.

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