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Flash flooding at the Utah State Capitol Reef National Park will wash away cars and allow tourists to be safely airlifted

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national parkrapidly turned into a visitor's survival practice after the downpour caught the visitor. 

Capitol Reef National Park, Utah, experienced heavy thunderstorms and flash floods on Thursday as heavy rains struck the area. According to the Wayne County Sheriff's Office, some people who went to the park were stuck and in need of help.

Heavy rains eventually proved too much, even for some park rangers dispatched to rescue stranded visitors. 

"The park rangers were in the scene of driving people out of the bathroom. While doing so, some of the park rangers were stuck in the flood but were able to reach the hills. The sheriff's office reported.

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Vehicles in Utah's Capitol Reef National Park were swept away in flash flooding, Thursday, June 23, 2022.

On Thursday, June 23, 2022, a vehicle in Capitol Reef National Park, Utah, was swept away in a flash flood.(Wayne County Sheriff's Office, Utah)

"DPS helicopters were able to contact people stuck there. They were I was able to lift and take him to the parking lot, "the sheriff's office reported. "There were about 60 people in the parking lot who had to spend most of the night, but the park ranger worked hard to clear the road and made it passable."

Park Staff and rescue teams have procured accommodation in a nearby motel for rescued visitors. Fortunately, no deaths were reported and the victims were only slightly injured.


Moving to a motel around a parking lot that keeps people out. The only reported injuries were minor cuts and lacerations. There are about 7-8 disabled vehicles in the flood area.

A truck in Utah's Capitol Reef National Park was swept away in flash flooding, Thursday, June 23, 2022.

The gun water that was washed away by the trucks of Capitol Reef National Park in Utah. , Thursday, June 23, 2022.(Yellowstone County Security Officer's Office)

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The park manager has opened three of the five entrances to the park, but has a system in place to reduce the number of visitors. A car with an even last number on the number plate can enter an even day, and a car with an odd last number can enter an odd day.

Authorities are still investigating the destruction ofby the flood, but work is underway to repair and repair the road.