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Following Indonesia's diplomatic Blitz, Western leaders say they will attend the G20 Bali Summit

Despite the threat of the first boycott, Western leaders signaled confirmation of Group 20's attendance at the November summit in Bali, and the Kremlin was Russian President Vladimir Putin. Said that he could effectively attend the rally.

In a phone call with a reporter on Thursday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said he would decide "when needed" whether Putin would attend directly.

Putin's potential remote participation in the summit is a group of seven leaders previously mentioned that they would not attend unless US President Joe Biden and other Putin were excluded.

As G20 chairman this year, Indonesian President Joko Widodo has fought a diplomatic blitzkrieg to save the summit. He met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kieu on Wednesday, and with Putin on Thursday after meeting with G-7 leaders in Germany earlier this week.

Jakarta announced in April that it had invited Russia, a G20 member. Since then, it has sought to bridge the gap between Western efforts to isolate Putin in various global forums as a punishment for the invasion of Ukraine and the interests of middle power members including India, Brazil, South Africa, Mexico and Saudi Arabia. I have been trying. The summit agenda wants to focus on post-pandemic recovery.

Zelensky attends

Zelensky will be in Widdo on Wednesday with the situation of the Russian invasion and "event."

In April, Ukraine Despite not being a member, Widdo invited Zelensky. Biden had asked Zelensky to be invited to the G20 if other members chose not to expel Moscow.

FILE - Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visits a Ukrainian church to speak with members of the Ukrainian community as Russia's invasion of Ukraine continues, in Toronto, Ontario, March 4, 2022.
File-Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visits a church in Ukraine Then, on March 4, 2022, in Toronto, Ontario, a member of the Ukrainian community as Russia's invasion of Ukraine continued.

No boycott

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said his country will attend the November rally. Became the latest G-7 reader.

"It is very important to be there to counter the voices and lies that Russia will advocate," he said Thursday.

Trudeau said he expected other G7 countries – the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Japan – even if Russia remained a member of the G20 group.

The White House has not responded to VOA confirmation requests. Whether Biden will attend.

Earlier this week, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged Western leaders not to boycott. , To Russia.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the host of the G7, will also be present. Schortz said there was a "big unity" at the G7 summit on Tuesday. "We don't want to pull the G-20 apart."

FILE - Italy's Prime Minister Mario Draghi reads statement during a press conference at the La Nuvola conference center for the G-20 summit in Rome, Oct. 31, 2021.
File -Italy's Prime Minister Mario Draghi is at the Ranuvora Conference Center at the G20 Summit in Rome on October 31, 2021.

Italy's view

Meanwhile, Italy's Prime Minister Draghi tells Jakarta the same table as Putin to Western leaders. He said he guaranteed not to be seated in.

"President Widdo excludes it," Draghi told reporters at the end of the G7. Summit. "He was determined, he (Putin) wouldn't come," Kremlin adviser Yuri Ushakov replied, "Draghi doesn't decide this."

Jakarta has not responded to VOA's request to confirm Widdo's statement regarding Putin's plans.

The Wilson Center's Southeast Asian analyst, Lucas Myers, said that if Widdo stopped balancing, he would have the opportunity to gain international fame.

"If we succeed in achieving a productive summit that will satisfy both Russia and the G7, we will balance Indonesia's expanding international role with the complex competition of an increasingly multipolar and tense world. It will demonstrate Jakarta's ability to take, "Myers told VOA.


At a joint press conference with Putin after the meeting in the Kremlin on Thursday, Widdo said he sent a message from Zelensky to Putin through an interpreter. Stated. He offered to play a peace broker between the two.

Widodo did not provide details and neither side stated the content of the message.

Indonesian leaders said Russia had agreed to open a route for Ukraine's wheat exports amid growing concerns about global food shortages.

"I am really grateful to President Putin for providing security to the supply of food and fertilizer from both Ukraine and Russia. This is good news," Widdo said.

Mr Widdo said he supported the UN's proposal to open the Black Sea route for Ukrainian grain exports and Russian food and fertilizer exports. The United Nations is in talks with both countries and Turkey, suggesting that a safe corridor in the Black Sea could guide ships around mines.

Conflict disrupts grain and fertilizer shipments from Ukraine, putting tens of millions of people around the world at risk of hunger, including Indonesia and other developing countries. increase.