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Former Florida Attorney General Issues Multiple Complaints to AG Garland Over Handling of Mar-a-Lago Attack

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Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi said Thursday in "Hannity" Mara's management of his FBI raid on Lago, Attorney General Merrick He said Garland repeatedly objected to.

Trump FBI raids: Garland says he authorized Marlago investigation, DOJ moves to unseal warrant

Bondi In my 18 years as a private prosecutor, I have signed thousands of subpoenas. So what do you do? You issue a new subpoena or make a motion to enforce. Why wasn't it done in this case? The Trump people were on good terms with them. why wasn't that done? This is a question for Merrick Garland. His second for Merrick Garland is a warrant. Think about warrants. If you issue a warrant, it's because you're worried about destroying evidence. What do you suspect about it? It turns out that the warrant was signed on Friday but wasn't executed until Monday.So why get the warrant? It makes no sense. Third, I have personally been involved in a great many search warrants. And like you said, they came in there with their guns firing. For documents - do you know what to do? increase. … go in, go to the safe, go to the office. Get the documents you need. end.


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