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Former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton on how to fix New York Police Department crimes

Bratton says crime is here

Army veterinarian Bill Bratton, the police station, including two commissioners in Boston, Los Angeles, and New York City, who commanded the six, said: A crowded corner on a busy day. So many emotionally confused people. .. .. That this fear is being talked about a lot.

"Because there are probably a thousand disturbed people in the state of millions, Cuomo reduced the number of beds and the judge was emotionally disturbed. The politicians refuse to expand it. New Yorkers have been punished by those who voted for the administration and are returning us to madness.

"Increased gun crime. Politicians rewrite rules so that anyone can apply for permission. Nothing will change until these rules are rewritten. It's the west pioneer era. More guns. , More violence, more suicides. Criminals only steal and use guns. Improper use of guns and surveillance of shootings by law-abiding people are increasing.

"In a small store, the steel gate is back. The empty storefront is homeless in the doorway. The legislative measures are like you can bargain many times. AndDA does not prosecute. If you steal less than a certain amount, you will not be arrested. There is no penalty for crime.

"2018 was the safest year in New York. Serious crimes Less than 100,000, 300 murders. The following yearAlbany's criminal justice reform ruined it. Today's wave of crime is blamed on New York politicians. Created it.

Bratton criticized soft-on-crime District Attorneys like Manhattan's Alvin Bragg for not prosecuting criminals.
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"And the Manhattan DA is a criminal He doesn't want to put him in jail. He puts the rest at risk by giving them a chance. Excuse me, have you been caught in a criminal gun? You should go to jail! "

Need more people and training

"The police station is not large enough for all the problems in New York today. Police are sued. I'm having a hard time protecting myself for fear of being arrested or illegally arrested. It's a mess. There are plenty of private captains in law enforcement agencies, that is, people who see something and say something. Not.

"Executives need training. Become a doctor It's like you don't want to overdo school therapy or radiation therapy. You want just the right amount to cure you. The same is true for risk. You don't make the patient sick, you just do the right thing. A great tool, Stop and Frisk, can be moderated. Obsolete — but it's an essential tool. The police cannot do without it. The challenge is to do it in the Constitution. Within the scope of the law. It slows down up and down depending on the crime, but you need to be here to stay. When I ran the department in the early 90's, we committed even more crimes.

Bratton called for putting more NYPD officers into the subway system.
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MTA Relay

"For the subway, more officers need to be in the system. Today's technology is useful. We recommend cameras that monitor in real time from the control room or the conductor's cab. That way, you can't see the crime before it happens, not after it happens. You can't see the curves of these trains from the conductor's cab. This is a big flaw.

"When it comes to recruiting officers, part of the problem was that during the COVID the police school stopped offering testing and recruitment processes. The pool dropped dramatically from the usual 30,000. They are currently in the one-year process of developing a new exam, temporarily reducing the number of department officers by about 1,200. That will change. "

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