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Former Congressman Tulsi Gabbard reveals Democratic "dangerous thinking" and compares it to dictators

In the heart of the Democratic Party

Former Congressman Tulsi Gabbard thinks dangerous Exploring some Democrats'and it reveals that idea that reminds her of'Jesse Waters Prime Time'.

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Former Congressman Tulsi Gabbard showed on Friday the "dangerous" way some Democrats think at "Jesse Waters Prime Time".

TULSI GABBARD:We are within the scope of the Constitutionand the rule of lawThe law that must stay. I frankly hear from some Democrats that I think it's even more dangerous than the horror you're talking about. In short, they feel they have to do whatever it takes to save America. And that's a dangerous idea. 

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Overall history, almost every dictator who does whatever they feel they need to do feels their cause right, and those we are in power. When You Have-Yes, not only in the government, but in other sectors of our society, we feel we need to do everything we can to save the country and save people, but they still feel I Opposing our Constitution,undermining our democracyruining our country in the process. This is what we need to protect ourselves, our country and our future. 

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