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Former USC Women's Soccer Coach Convicted of College Admission Scandal

(CNN)Former head coach of the South California University Women's Soccer Teamon Wednesday about his role in college admission The sentenced scandal, the prosecutor announced Thursday.

Ali Khosroshahin was sentenced to release under surveillance for one year, followed by home arrest for the first six months of house arrest and then 100 hours of social service. .. In Massachusetts.

According to the memorandum of judgment, he was also ordered to confiscate nearly $ 209,000.

Khosroshahin, who coached the USC women's soccer team from 2007 to 2013, admittedin court before, and he and his assistant coach Laura Janke brought four students to the team. I nominated as a freshman. The students did not play competitive football, but at school.
Instead, William "Rick" Singer, identified by the prosecutor as responsible for the fraud, ordered a private football club managed by Khosroshahin and Janke to pay a total of about $ 350,000. did.

The U.S. law firm cited Khosroshahin's early and complete acceptance of liability, true remorse, and the provision of the truth of substantive support in government investigations as factors in the judgment. Said the memorandum.

CNN is seeking comment from Khosroshahin's lawyer.

On Wednesday, Yanke was sentenced toand. According to the US law firm, Yanke had previously agreed to plead guilty to the plot to commit the squirrel.

Janke also cooperated with the government investigation and agreed to testify in college admission fraud.

Singerpleaded guilty toin 2019 on four charges: squirrel plot, money laundering, tax plot, and obstruction of justice. According to the Justice Ministry, the decision hearing is scheduled for September.