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Four people died after Alpine Glacier chunks hit hikers

ROME — On Sunday afternoon, most of the Alpine glacier collapsed, slid down the hillside and crashed into more than 12 hikers on a popular trail at the top of the mountain. At least four people were killed and seven were injured, according to Italian state television.

RAI TV does not quote the source of the death report. However, earlier, the National Alpine and Cave Rescue Team tweeted that at least five helicopters and rescue dogs were involved in the search for the area involving Marmorada Peak. Separately, an emergency dispatcher in northeastern Italy tweeted that about 15 hikers were believed to have been in the disaster area.

The broken part is known as the cellac, or glacial peak.

Towering about 3,300 meters (about 11,000 feet), Marmorada is the highest mountain in the eastern part of Dolomite.

"When the rock collapsed, a rift opened in the glacier, and about 15 people were involved," the emergency dispatcher tweeted.

The Alpine Rescue Service tweeted that the segment was near Puntarokka (Rockpoint) and was interrupted "usually along the itinerary used to reach its peak."

It wasn't immediately clear what caused the ice to crumble and rush down the slopes of the mountaintop, but it could be due to the intense heat waves that hit Italy after late June. .. Walter Milano spokesman for the Alpine Rescue Corps told RAI State Television.

"The heat is unusual," Milan said, saying that recent peak temperatures were above 10 C (50 F). "It's extreme heat," said Milan at the peak. "Obviously that's something unusual."

According to the rescue team, the injured, including those who were seriously injured, went to several hospitals in the Trentino-Alto Adige and Veneto areas. It was carried.