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July 4: History of media attacks on the United States, a symbol of democracy

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Fox News Digital showed them when they burned grills nationwide last weekend to celebrateIndependence Daywith American loved ones. I looked back on the experts and columnists. I'm not proud to live in the United States. 

The media and celebrities have a long history of defeating the symbols of America and democracy when trying to make political claims that condemn conservative ideologies. Last week, Green Day lead singer Billy Joe Armstrong said he would abandon US citizenship and move to the United Kingdom .

"F --- America, I have abandoned f --- citizenship," Armstrong said at a concert in London. "I'm here." 

But the candid rock star isn't the only liberal public figure to blame America, its flag, and its meaning. Recent memories have celebrated the pro-athletes who knelt during the national anthem, blamed the Supreme Court, and the liberals tried to redesign the American flag, completely downplaying the importance of July 4.  

NYT, MSNBC MARA GAY:'See'American Flag Dozen'on a Long Island' DISTURBING' 

The media, and celebrities alike, have a long history of bashing America and symbols of democracy.  

Media and celebrities have a long history There is a symbol of bashing and democracy in America.   ((Photo by Mark Makela / Getty Images))

Last year, one of the most notable examples of recent memories is the New York Times. Mara Gay, a member of the editorial board of the editorial board, was shocked to declare that he had witnessed the "obtrusive" sight of the American flag when he went to MSNBC and visited Long Island in New York. 

A Times columnist appeared in "Morning Joe" and talked about how "Americanness" and "whiteness" need to be separated. 

"I was on Long Island this weekend visiting a really dear friend, and I was really worried," Gay said. "I saw dozens, dozens of pickup trucks, Trump flags, and sometimes dozens of American flags with [expletives] behind Joe Byden, which is also annoying. … In essence the message was clear.'This is my country. This is not your country. I own this. Gay swiftly on social media by blaming the American flag. Despite the backlash, critics were off-base, according to a statement released by the employer.

"Malagay's comments from New York Times editorial board members on MSNBC are irresponsible. It was out of context, "the Times said. "Her allegation was that Trump and many of his supporters politicized the American flag."

Co-host of View as a proud American accused the columnist. Sunny Hostin rushed to the gay defense.

"In fact, I'm very surprised she's getting this kind of backlash," Hostin said. "When someone in the color of being a black woman is telling you her feelings, people need to not deny it and not say,'Well, that's not true.'

New York Times editorial board member Mara Gay once shocked by going on MSNBC to declare that she witnessed the "disturbing" sight of American flags during a visit to Long Island in New York. 

Going to MSNBC, she said, "A disturbing sight of the American flag during a visit to Long Island in New York.  (New York Times)

A few weeks later, the New York Times released a work by staff writer Saramas Linnil. The July Symbol of Unity, which may no longer be united, is now about people Americans "prominently displaying the American flag." It's true, and sometimes it's wrong. "

The story featured a potato farmer who was "afraid of interaction" by customers because he proudly flew the American flag. 

"The 13 striped, star-studded American flag had endless meaning for 244 years after the country began flying. Growing up on Ioshima. With a lit fire, it became a scorching image of the protest against the Vietnam War. Ribbed around the Twin Towers at the commemorative September 11th Lapelpin, it was a delicate democracy. Reminds me of the threat to Maslin Nir. " "Political politicians from both parties have long sought to wear a flag, but something could have changed. Today, flying a flag behind a pickup truck or over the grass , Although imperfect, is increasingly seen as a clue to the political affiliation of people in deeply divided countries. "

This work continues as follows.

CNN's "New Day" aired some of the Times' work read directly from the article by liberal host Brianna Kayler. 

The New York Times published a piece by staff writer Sarah Maslin Nir headlined, "A Fourth of July Symbol of Unity That May No Longer Unite," which declared Americans "now make assumptions, true and sometimes false, about people who conspicuously display American flags."

New York Times is a staff writer Presented a work by Sarah Maslin Nir. , "The July 4th Symbol of Unity, which may no longer be united," declared the Americans "now making true and sometimes false assumptions about those who show prominently." American flag. "(iStock)

Also last year, the Times published an opinion essay imagining a new design for the American flag. The decline of the country.

"The American flag is a powerful part of the country's symbol, but its design changed frequently until the early 1900s. What if it was redesigned today? To artists and graphic designers I had them try it, "the Times wrote. "Some are functional designs, some are artistic renderings. Some are American representations, others are how artists are currently looking at the country."

In one Andrew Kuo design, the flag is divided into four rectangles, one square consists of red and white stripes, and the other three are blue, yellow, and green rectangles. According to the artist, the red stripes represent the past, the white stripes represent the future, and the plain colors represent "unexplored potential," "restoration of racial discrimination throughout the body," and "care for the earth." increase. 

Another idea for the new American flag is to combine several prominent flags such as "Do n't Treadon Me" and "Black Lives Matter" into one and another monochrome gray. Represents a flag with a star. The United States has succumbed to the collapse of power and the loss of its former ideals.

In June 2021, MSNBC host Brian Williams called America "broken" and was ashamed to compare Antifa to the Americans who hit Normandy's beach on D-Day. Promoted an advertisement from the Lincoln Project.

Washington Post Media reporter Paul Farhi gave a similar view when tweeting. 

"The View" co-host Sunny Hostin.

Co-host of "The View" Sunny Hostin .. (REUTERS / Danny Moloshok)

In 2020, the left wing was knocked down in the anxiety of the citizens, now a frowning American I spent a lot of time celebrating the destruction of the statue. 

In "The View," Hostin declares that the statue of the founder's father, such as George Washington, may not be honored for his relationship with slavery. did. 

USA Today, a few years before the statue movement, when we considered in 2017 why the statue of Christopher Columbus was not defeated with a statue commemorating the leader of the Navy. was. 

"History warns against concentrating on the South Army and Columbus, which came three centuries later, but Columbus holidays and monuments are reassessed. He states that the time is ripe — staying, changing, or disappearing completely, "writes Josh Hafner of USA Today. 

"Many Americans think that if something terrible happens, the best way to be patriotic is to try to forget it as soon as possible," NBC said. News president historian Michael Beschloss told MSNBC last year. The news that 100 years have passed since the slaughter of Tulsa Race is strange that Americans who want to get out of the COVID outbreak are not patriotic. 

Michael Moore's July 4th Message: Continue to accept the privileges of "not conscientious" and "full citizenship"

"This is what I'm worried about in a completely different category of COVID pandemics. In 1920 killed 675,000 Americans and tens of millions of Americans around the world. After the influenza pandemic, the second pandemic seemed to be over. I wanted to forget it as soon as possible, "Beshros continued. "Also, there is no doubt that more and more Americans have never heard of this horrific influenza more than a year ago ... because people wanted to forget. My point is that we remember this country more. Trying to be a good country is more patriotic. 

NewsBusters recently overloaded with "recent and less recent examples of journalists dumping the United States in their trash on their birthdays" prior to the July 4th weekend.has been released. 

In the example, the writer of National Geographic said, "Everyone from the harmful particles that fill the sky during our fireworks light show. Are not equally at risk. For example, in California, they are vulnerable. The population will be exposed to fireworks pollution on July 4th ... The vulnerable population seems to be more exposed to this pollution. 

Not everyone is a fan of fireworks during Independence Day celebrations.

Everyone has fireworks Not a fan Celebration of Independence Day. ((Photo by ROBERTO SCHMIDT / AFP) (Photo by ROBERTO SCHMIDT / AFP via Getty Images))

In 2019, "CBS This Morning" will discuss July 4 Washington, D. C. At a rally in, Margaret Brennan feels to viewers that he "overemphasized the military power of the United States" and "underestimated the American values ​​that have been used to justify the use of power." Said there was.

NewsBusters also pointed out in 1994 that Matt Lauer asked if America was an "essentially racially discriminatory place" on July 4th. fine. 

There have been abundant non-patriotic takes in recent months between gun control and polarization issues related to mischief. 

In May, NBC Sports' longtime football writer Peter King, who was allegedly about football, published the United States of Guns following the tragic Texas. I called it. Shooting at school. 

"Our country is sick," he wrote. 

Earlier this month, Sarah Haynes, co-host of "The View," recently learned the meaning of June 16 and said she felt more "real" than Independence Day. Declared. 

"Why didn't I know this. When American freedom didn't happen until June 16th, we are celebrating American freedom July 4th. "She asked. "So, in a way, the celebration feels more real on June 16th."

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Hostin replied that his family had "never celebrated." July 4th. 

Last week, the Supreme Court Roe v. After overthrowing Wade and offending the liberals, a non-patriotic take was poured. 

CNN's Jim Acosta stated that the United States was not a "stellar company" and claimed only El Salvador. Most countries ban abortions after 12 or 13 weeks, so European countries do not need to roll back anything. 

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