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Fox News analyst Gianno Caldwell defeats Chicago's "crime-vulnerable" police because of the large number of sibling murderers left

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Fox News analyst Gianno Caldwell may be behind a brutal Chicago shootout, dropping plans to have her 18-year-old brother's funeral appear on television on Monday. I asked for information about the person. 

A Chicago Police Department spokesman said there were no updates available as of Monday morning and no one was detained in connection with Caldwell's 18-year-old shooting. I told Fox News Digital. Brother Christianwas shot far south four days ago. 

Chicago Police Department is also up to date on the tragic but unrelated killing of a five-month-old girl, Cecilia Thomas, who was killed by a shooting while sitting in a car on the South Side on Saturday. He said there was no information. ..  

"People areinsensitive to the violenceand murders that are happening here," Caldwell said in an in-studio interview with FOX32. Chicago Monday. 

A five-month-old Chicago girl dies after being shot in the head: "disgrace"

"What I need to make an urgent change. If it wasn't my brother, I would get all this coverage for him. "He asked rhetorically. "People will even know his name. No."

"What about a five-month-old girl who was just murdered on Friday?" He added. "You really don't even know her name. All we're reading about it is the fact that it happened to a toddler." 

Caldwell in Chicago.Condemned what he considered a "lifestyle of violence"He said he was working and looking forward to going to college, but unfortunately his life was short. is. 

Fox News analyst Gianno Caldwell is looking for answers after his 18-year-old brother, Christian, was fatally shot in Chicago on Saturday.

Fox News analyst Gianno Caldwell is looking for The answer after his 18-year-old brother, Christian, was deadly shot in Chicago on Saturday. (Gianno Caldwell)

"There is no fact that this is going on in this city where I grew up, in my favorite city. Disappointed and disgusted. I have. " "Human life has no value. Its value has been eroded for years. Living in Chicago should not be accompanied by a death sentence, but for so many people living here. 

Caldwell's brother, Christian, stood outside with a group of people at S. Vincennes' 11400 block around 2:06 am on Friday. According to police, a 25-year-old woman was shot by an unidentified male criminal who entered a black sedan and fled east from the scene. 

Gianno Caldwell is one of nine siblings. He said his younger brothers are more like his sons. 

Giano Codewell has nine people One of my brothers. He said his brother was more like his son.  (Gianno Caldwell)

Christian died injured and other male victims said police were shot in the torso seriously The state on the list, and the 25-year-old woman was shot with her foot and was in a fair state. Police have so far not answered multiple questions from FoxNews Digital regarding the potential motivation for shooting. 

"Forgiveness comes with accountability," Caldwell said.The murder in Illinoishas a life of at least 25 years and is of his brother's. murderer. Still, he does not oppose criminal forgiveness and reform while in prison. 

Coldwell also broke what Chicago considered a "crime-vulnerable" policy, police feared enforcement of the law, and "you" if criminals were not held liable. Family has the following possibilities. " .. 

Gianno Caldwell is one of nine siblings and said his younger brothers are more like his sons. 

Giano Codewell has 9 people He was one of his brothers and said his younger brother resembled his son.  (Gianno Codewell)

"I'm leaving the studio to plan a funeral for his brother," he said. Said. "They have to come when they think of not only him, but the violence that has been created in Chicago, and some of the policies that are systematically practiced: the crime-vulnerable policies we have seen in the city. Until the end. " 

" I have to remove the police handcuffs and let them do the job because they are afraid to do the job, "Coldwell continued. "We understand that we can do criminal judicial reforms and police reforms, but at this point criminals are not afraid of police, not afraid of prosecutors, and not surrender. So you need to balance. Law, so what do we do next? 

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"We need to throw books at them, and we understand that we have compassion for people, but at the same time, so If not, your family could come next. " 

Both Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Cook County Attorney Kim Fox commented on the case from Fox News Digital. We do not respond to your request. 

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