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From Past to Present: Fox Nation's "Building on the American Heritage" traces the history and foundations of the United States

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What does it mean to be American? When a country tackles controversial decisions, polarized political and cultural changes, it has never been more important to rethink what this country is. 

FoxNation's "Building on the American Heritage" does just that, revealing forgotten stories and defining America's past moments that shaped the country's heritage. To do. 

Historian David Burton and former MP Rick Green date back to the days of the founding father, revealing the original intent and design of an endless dream. 

In the course of 13 episodes, Burton discusses the founding principles andJewish and Christian values ​​from which America was born

Among the key issues discussed in this new series are the relationship between Christianity and American heritage, and politics and culture. The United States has always embraced the separation of church and state, but there is a fundamental link between Judaism and Christian thought, American values, and the constitutional framework of the country. Theseries explores.

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Justice in court, of course, they said the United States is a Christian state, "Burton shared with respect to the 1892Supreme Court ruling. "(The Supreme Court judge) said we were a Christian state, but not everyone needs to be a Christian ... (the decision) says it is a Christian-influenced state. "

Burton also analyzes American culture and its transformation over time. From justice to civil rights to civil obligations,Christianity played a central role in American culture, buthas declined over the past century. Burton reveals why Christianity is interrelated with culture and how the shift has progressed. 

Beyond Judaism and Christian values, Barton focuses on founding principles such as freedom, voting, separation of powers, and small government that shape the modern work of the United States. 

Values ​​and principles are the focus of this series, but "Building on American Heritage" is in shaping the lives and nations of key figures. Looking at their role, the African-American community and the younger generation play a central and often overlooked role in making America as it is today.

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From culture to politics to religion, FoxNation's "Building on the American Heritage" is timely .. An exposition on the foundations of the United States that challenges the country to clarify what the United States is and think about what the United States wants to be. 

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