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"Full House" star Jodie Sweetin was pushed by the Los Angeles Police Department during a pro-choice protest

Actress Jodie Sweetin was pushed to the ground by Los Angeles police officers in an opposition movement in the city of Los Angeles on Saturday.

A "Full House" star, 40, she heads to a megaphone by the side of the freeway during a protest against a recent Supreme Court ruling that multiple officers are pushing her to the ground. I was talking. The video of postedon Instagram.

"What's wrong with your f–k?" You can hear one protester telling the police officer accordingly.

Sweetin lifted herself and put her baseball cap back on, and she soon joined her chanting that she had "no justice or peace," the video shows.

The actress who played Stephanie Tanner in an ABC comedy, according to freelance photojournalist, she kept a group of peaceful protesters away from the freeway when she was thrown to the ground. I was trying. Michael Aid who shot the video.

Jodie Sweetin
Instagram / @ theprogressivists
Jodie Sweetin
Instagram / @ theprogressivists

Another video posted by Ade a while back shows a policeman using a baton to push other protesters back.

LAPD said it was investigating the use of force by police officers shown in the video.

"LAPD recognizes a video clip where police have pushed a woman to the ground and did not allow the group to overtake the 101 freeway on foot," LAPDsaid in a statement. I am saying. People. "The forces used are evaluated in the light of LAPD policies and procedures."

Jodie Sweetin
Getty Images

While preserving life and property, the department said it would continue to respect the citizens' initial amendment rights to protest.

Thousands have appeared on the streets across the country to protest Friday's SCOTUS ruling, which overturned the Roe v. Wade case and overturned the protection of nearly 50 years of federal abortion. The

6 to 3 decision leaves individual states to pass legislation in favor of or against abortion. Some states have already completely banned abortions, and it is expected that some more will ban abortions in the coming days.