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Gabby Petito's mother accuses Brian Laundrie of confessing notes

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The mother of the murdered travel blogger Gabby Petito said on Monday afternoon, a few days after her daughter's murder suspect and boyfriend Brian Laundrie announced a "drug" confession. He said he was "sick". In October aconfession, including his suicide note, was found near his body.

She read the text of the image she included in the tweet, "Narcissists rewrite history to avoid accountability." "You are not crazy."

She also showed that "the truth is revealed" and that her family will not stop pursuing Petite's justice.

Laundry claimed that he and Petite were "trying to cross" the stream when they heard "splash and scream". ""

Brian Laundrie's Gabby Petito Confession: An expert familiar with the recognized killer claims, "This is all a lie"

Nichole Schmidt, center, seen walking into a Florida courtroom ahead of a hearing on June 22, 2022.

The central Nicole Schmidt is June 22, 2022. Stepped into a Florida court before the hearing.(Fox News Digital / Michael Ruiz)

"She shouted her name because I couldn't find her for a while," Laundry said. wrote. "I found her breathing hard gasping for my name. She was freezing cold. When I pulled Gabby out of the water, she didn't know what hurts. She She had a small ridge on her forehead and eventually got bigger. Her legs hurt, her wrists hurt, but she was frozen and shivering violently. While carrying her, she He constantly made a noise and lay next to her, begging for a little wrapping, gasping, and the end of the pain during the violent tremors. "

Gabby Petite: The FBI has terminated the murder investigation after revealing a confession in Brian Laundry's notebook

Laundry added: I did. The extent of Gabby's injury is unknown (sic). She just said she was in extreme pain.

Dr. Brentblue, a Teton County coroner in Wyoming,  Petite's death as a result of manual strangulation ofand blunt trauma of . }Judged as a murder. -Force trauma to the head and neck.

Gabby Petito poses for an Instagram photo in Bryce Canyon National Park.

Gabby Petito takes an Instagram photo in Bryce Canyon National Park The park to take pictures of. (Gabby Petito's family)

Crime profiler and psychotherapist John Kerry interviewed many murderers, and notes "anger him" ". He believes that Laundry shows signs of very narcissistic personality disorder and social disability.

"He found her breathing hard and out of breath, so she decided to suffocate her," he said.

Laundry was able to ask for help or call 911. Petite's phone wasn't destroyed by the flood – the FBI said in January that Laundry used it to send fake text to cover up the killings.

Utah-basedprivate detective Jason Jensen, who closely tracks the case, said the memo blatantly "trying to rewrite history."

"He writes this farce story about her fall and injury as she crosses Spread Creek and explains how she couldn't be left behind." Said Jensen. "He said,'I ended her life.' I can't admit that I killed her. LIFE'

Police in Moab, Utah, stopped Brian Laundrie on Aug. 12 after he allegedly slapped Gabby Petito in public.

Police in Moab, Utah, said Brian Laundrie slapped Gabby Petito in public. He stopped him on August 12, after being slapped. (Moab City Police)

The search team was on September 19, Jackson, Utah. At a campground north of Moab, the couple found Petito's body staying in August. By that time, Laundrie had already used his debit card to drivein a van to Florida. He took a vacation with his parents, sister and nephew on the weekend of Labor Day. When Schmidt reported that his daughter was missing on September 11, the family commented. Refrained.

Laundrie sneaked away on September 13th, despite being under the supervision of the Northport Police Department, and is one of his favorite local hiking spots. He committed himself in the park. On October 20, police recovered his body and other belongings, including Laundrie and notebooks, after being cleaned up by his parents. 

Gabby Petito memorial in Florida.

Gabby Petito Memorial in Florida.(Michael Ruiz / Fox News Digital )

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Law enforcement agencies searched the area for five weeks, but floods hampered their efforts.

Petito's parents both had information about their 22-year-old death. Withholding, son escapes justice He sued Laundrie's parents for trying to help him get out.

Schmidt has filed a separate wrongful death litigation.

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