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Get Good Launchers Beef for $ 20 Off and Free Shipping on July 4th

When buying meat in a supermarket, a sign of approval from the US Department of Agriculture should give you peace of mind. The USDA label stimulates confidence that the meat inside is safe, but you may be surprised to find that the sticker does not mean that the animal was actually bred in the United States.

At least after 2015. It was the year that the US Parliamentrevised the country of origin indication or the COOL Act. Since then, meat producers in other countries can get the "Product of USA" label if the meat is processed or packaged in the United States in any way.

Currently used by producers in Canada, South America, Australia, etc. In that loophole, a large amount of foreign meat was landed on the shelves of US stores, all boldly declared as US products.

That confusion about where your flesh actually came from led to the creation of theGood Launcher. Since 2018, the company has made meat procurement as important as quality, delivering 100% fresh American beef, chicken and seafood everywhere, at prices comparable to what you pay for suspicious meat. Origin in the grocery store.

Three pieces of raw steak
Good Launcher

Good Launcheris an American farmand ranch Engage only the Lord By adhering to the highest standards of sustainability, social responsibility, and animal care, buyers are more than guaranteed that all meat is fromUSA. You can get things. Good Launchers USDA-Grass-grown and grain-finished beef is always a prime or upper choice. These are the two finest beef cuts can receive from USDA and are of the same quality found in the best American steakhouses.

For products that are superior to allgrass-fed beef, organic chicken, and do not contain other antibiotics or hormones, Good Launcher has hand trimmed and Wrap individually and flash freeze the meat immediately. Then pack it in one of the popular meat boxes and ship it all over the United States.

Shoppers choose varieties such as Bone in Live Eye and T Bone, and the cuts they need, such as the New York Strip. Each box can serve close to 30-90 meals, all at prices up to 40% cheaper than competing meat box services. Buyers can save $ 25 on all boxes by joining the Good Ranchers subscription. Once subscribed, the locked-in low price never goes up. In addition, subscriptions allow you to get the perfect box to your doorstep at even lower prices when you need it.

As for customers, many regularly use Facebook and other social media to praise their approach to mealtime, which returns to the basics of Good Launchers. "The fillet was great! I can't wait to try the other cuts I bought," Mike reported. "You have a lifetime customer with me and my family."

Buyers check the Good Launchers website and shop with a 100% American meat guarantee. , Supporting American farms,earned $ 20 from the first order,, codeNYPOST.

Prices are subject to change.