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Ghislaine Maxwell sentenced to sex trafficking teenage girls on Tuesday

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Ghislaine Maxwell was sentenced to up to 55 years in prison on Tuesday in a federal court in Manhattan for recruiting and grooming a young girl to be abused by the late Jeffrey Epstein of Financier. You will know her fate when you do.

Maxwell, 60, was a billionaire mansion in Manhattan, New Mexico, Florida, and the Virgin Islands from 1994 to 2004 for a sexual encounter with Epstein. I was convicted after a trial that raised a teenage girl.

Epstein, 66, committed suicide in a Manhattan cell in 2009 while awaiting a federal trial on similar charges.

Southern New York'sprosecutorurged US district judge Alison Nathan to detain Maxwell for 30 to 55 years, calling her crime a "monster." , Said "instrumental music". The role of multiple young teenage girls in horrific sexual abuse.

Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein's ex-girlfriend, monitors suicide before judgment

"Maxwell" While preying on a troubled young girl, the prosecutor wrote in the submission of the judgment: "In her awakening, Maxwell permanently injured the victim with emotional and psychological injuries. I left it alone, "says Filing.

Ghislaine Maxwell sits at the defense table during a hearing in Manhattan federal court.

Ghislaine Maxwell is the Federal Court of Justice in Manhattan. (Jane Rosenberg via Reuters)

Defense lawyer argues that Epstein's crime should not be paid, shameful Britain Requested imprisonment of up to 5 years for a celebrity. ..

Maxwell has been imprisoned since his arrest in July 2020, and prosecutors have found that almost all of the $ 22.5 million assets she provided in her rejected bail package were Epstein. Said given to her by.

A photo illustration of Ghislaine Maxwell attending Nationlal Urban Tech Center in 2014 in in New York City and an image of her and Jeffrey Epstein.

Photograph illustration of Ghislaine Maxwell attending the National Urban Technology Center Image of her and Jeffrey Epstein in New York City in 2014. (Photo by Jimi Celeste / Patrick McMullin via Getty Images)

Eight women decide on Maxwell's justice judgment I have submitted a statement on the impact on the victims asking the judge to consider the suffering. Attorney Bobbi Sternheim sought to ban some of the victim's statements, claiming they were not part of the victim's allegations.

Ghislaine Maxwell's Trial: Prosecutors say they should be sentenced to 30-55 years for sex crimes

Nathan ruled On Monday, she weighs all written submissions and allows Maxwell's six whistleblowers to speak in the judgment. Farmer and Katetestified at trial, but others did not. 

David Boies, representing several of Jeffrey Epstein's alleged victims, center, shown with Annie Farmer, right, and Virginia Giuffre, alleged victims of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at federal court in New York.

Representative of some of Jeffrey Epstein David Boyes Victim, Central, Annie Farmer, Right, Virginia Juffrey, victim of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell in federal court in New York. (Mark Kauzlarich / Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Annie Farmer said of her lack of remorse and "a long battle for justice our precious It felt like a black hole that sucked in time, energy, and happiness. "

Guillene Maxwell's Selmate's Claim She was" offered to kill Maxwell. " It was "money"

Ransom spent the year she was treated as an "adult toy" by Maxwell, and Epstein forced her to attempt suicide twice. I did. Her graphic picture taken in the hospital room after those attempts was included in the filing. 

A photo combination of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Jeffrey Epstein and Guillene's photo combination Maxwell. (Getty Images)

She wrote a book called "Silenced No More" about the "terrible trauma" in the hands of abusers.

Maxwell's loudest whistleblower, Jufre, called her a "sheep-dressed wolf" and "opened the door to hell" for many young girls.

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"You are in the cage forever Deserves to be trapped, just like trapping the victim, "Jufre wrote. "If you get out of jail, I'll be here to monitor you and make sure you don't hurt anyone else again."

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