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Giants defense already reflects Wink Martindale's aggressive tone

Don "Wink" Martindale looks like he always welcomes a fight. especially on Sundays. 

His first-year defensive for the Giants, his coordinator Martindale has a surly demeanor accentuated by a scowl and a gray-haired beard. He has a stocky build with some girth accentuated around his torso. In short, he doesn't look like the guy you want to mess with. 

Defiance, OhioHe's a good fit to go to college in a place called College. 

When Martindale stepped onto the podium for a brief session with reporters on Monday morning, his body, his language, was at least one of the places he wanted to go. revealed that there are 10 

He was not uncooperative or rude. Martindale was perfectly accommodating. But with his ability to read a room, he can know he's near someone else who wants to do other things, and Martindale would rather have been somewhere else. More specifically, he evaluates the defensive players on his roster and plans his trademark offensive defense. 

The only shameful thing about the reporter getting access to Martindale is that it was before practice.An old-fashioned brawl then broke out between his players on the defensiveand retaliated. against chippy play attacks. 

Martindale was defensive after his players returned to each other's defense, when Saquon Barkley lowered his left shoulder and cornerback he lighted Aaron Robinson. was certainly pleased with what he saw. 

Don Martindale oversees drills at Giants training camp.
Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

When it escalated, Robinson made a hard stop and linebacker Te Crowder put Antonio Williams back on the ground after a carry, emptying the sidelines for a melee. 

These things happen in his training camp. Especially when the athlete is training in temperatures that are nearing 100 degrees for him. 

During the warm-up at the start of practice, Giants head coach Bryan Dabor stopped to chat with a few reporters, telling him that his players were struggling with work and the heat. He has shown that he is tired and grumpy from the start, but he still plans to make them work hard as they prepare for their first preseason game with the Patriots on Thursday night. 

So it's possible that Monday's player brawl was somewhat anticipated, even if it wasn't scripted. 

"This will be his ninth year, his ninth training camp, and I've never seen this day before," said Giants defensive tackle Justin. Ellis told the Post after practice. "Ultimately there is a boiling point. We are all alpha males. Football is made up of a majority of alpha males.'' 

That includes Martindale, who loved to watch. 

"In defense, Wink wants us all to back each other up," says Safety's Julian Love. said. "As long as we have each other's backs, we will ride each other. 

Love said Martindale "would love to see a fight like the players showed on Monday." "said. 

A brawl breaks out on Monday at Giants training camp.
Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

," he said love . ``It was a moment of intensity, but we managed it well. First with the Ravens as linebacker coach (2012-17), then defensive coordinator (2018-21) — led by pass rusher Kavon Thibodeau, who was the 5th overall pick in the April Draft. His aggressive plans, combined with the influx of talent brought into the season, give him a chance to name this Giants defense. 

Martindale's greatest The challenge is to employ an aggressive pressure style designed to unleash pass rushers without getting burned by a group of little-proven cornerbacks that are not the strength of the team..   63}

Martindale is committed to building camaraderie among defensive players, and on Monday he talked about how he runs "a different style of meeting." said, adding: I ask them about their families and how they are doing. It's a process, they know each other, they're not afraid to communicate, they're not afraid to solve problems, so they can defend together.'' 

Love called them "pretty fun", with defensive back coach Jerome Henderson noting that music is played as players enter and Martindale occasionally dances. 

Yes, the Martindale dance. 

"When it feels good," said Love. "He's kind of rough. He's not the best. But we wanted energy from the coordinator and we got it." 

in Baltimore under Martindale. Ellis, who played for three seasons, said what Martindale wants in a player is simple. 

"He just wants us to play smart and aggressive and put a lot of effort into bringing it into attack," he said. "Let the offense know he's going to have a long day." 

The message was delivered during Monday's practice.