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A girl loses her leg in a shark attack on a beach in Florida: "It's a tragedy"

Climate change can drive sharks to the north bank

According to girl officials, when she was attacked by a shark on a beach in Florida, she was seriously injured on Thursday and continues to be a horrifying trend in states that account for almost 40% of unprovoked shark bites around the world. I am. Sheriff Wayne Padgett, Taylor County Sheriff, told CBS-affiliated WCTVthat the girl had surgery and lost her leg, but she is expected to survive.

The attack occurred at Keaton Beach in northwestern Florida. The Taylor County Sheriff's Office innews release, when a girl was bitten by a shark, she scalloped in about 5 feet of water near Grassy Island, just off Keaton Beach. was doing.

Reportedly, one of the girl's family jumped into the water and beat the shark until she was free.

According to the sheriff's office, the girl was taken to Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare to receive treatment for these injuries.

"It's a tragedy, what happened," Sheriff Padgett told WCTV. 

Authorities said it was unclear what kind of shark attacked the girl, but witnesses said it was about nine feet long.

"Boats and swimmers are wary, vigilant, and careful to practice shark safety," the sheriff's office said. "Some rules to follow are: Do not swim alone. Do not enter the water near fishermen. Avoid places such as sandbars (where sharks gather) and swim near large schools of fish Do not do this and avoid irregular movements in the water. ”

According to a report fromreleased in January, shark attacks have been for the third consecutive year. It increased worldwide in 2021 after it decreased in. The United States again reported the most attacks, with Florida accounting for almost 40% of unprovoked bites worldwide.  

Florida has been leading the United States and the world for decades with unprovoked shark bites. Researchers say that trend continued in 2021. Florida had 28 unprovoked bites last year, 19 in other parts of the United States and a total of 26 outside the United States. 

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