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Gov. Kathy Hochul vows data will prove her right in ongoing bail reform feud with New York judges

Gov. Kathy Ho-Chol doubled down on Monday inblame battles with New York judgesas her administration proved her bail claim claimed to be busy collecting data to No more changes to the Reform Act. State judges just need to do a better job.

"What I would like to start seeing is the implementation of these laws at all levels, and whether they really understand the power and broad discretion that judges used to have." We are going to release data about, but more so now," Hochul said broadly about the judges at a Yonkers press conference.

or has not responded kindly to her recent offer to fund more training regarding bail changes approved by the Albany Democrats in the state budget passed last April. .

"It's completely false to say we're outdated. It's just the opposite," Lucian Chalfen, a spokesman for the Courts Administration in New York, said in a statement to the Post. 

Gov. Kathy Hochul
Angus Mordant/NY Post

Judge as Appeared -- in the punching bag of state governors last week amid growing support for Ho-chol from Republicans and Democrats like Mayor Eric Adams.

“I believe in accountability at all levels, and you know, people have something and you can't say they don't have it. excuses," Ho-chul said on Wednesday.

Hochul suggests that judges need to read the law book, the Bail Act came into force in her 2019.

Adams advertised his one data point, which showed that his 80% of gun suspects in thefive boroughs were released after arrest.

Eric Adams

Minimal According to Mr. Chalfen, this often means releasing someone or setting a smaller bail than a judge would like.

"It is That's what the law requires and that's the law that judges follow," Chalfen added.

Such legal nuances were lost on Monday, with Hochul saying a state budget approved months ago would expand the number of crimes eligible for bail and limit restrictions on the incarceration of repeat offenders. He defended bail reform, pointing out that it has relaxed the

Lee Zeldin
Tamara Beckwith

Lawyers and judges wanted the tools they wanted. Hate crimes, gun violence incidents and repeat offenders are all subject to the law," Ho-Chol said on Monday.

Given that new figures on the effectiveness of bail reform will not be released by the state's Criminal Justice Department and the courts until around the end of the year, data support is not likely to materialize anytime soon.

"I will continue to encourage everyone to do their job," Ho-chul said Monday.

Friction with the judiciary came alongside a political storm over the state's bail laws, with Republican gubernatorial nominee Lee Zeldin (R-Suffolk) running for office in the November 8 election. It became the biggest issue in the election campaign to defeat Ho Chul.

Her recent efforts to deflect blame for a growing crime are all evidence of what Zeldin tweeted on Monday that the New Yorker will kick her out of office.

"There is no evidence that Kathy Hochul has the ability or willingness to be the strong governor necessary to secure the streets.  Laws that encourage crime, There is plenty of evidence to show that the DA of Crime has soft laws and lax far-left judges making life in New York much less safe," the GOP bannerman said in a post.