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Governor Yongkin: Virginians are focusing on inflation, not January 6th

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Home Survey January The attack onon the 6thhas been intensified in a series of blockbuster hearings this month. But in Virginia, at least according to Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin, "not many people are looking at it," because it focuses on issues such as gas prices and crime. ..

"I talk to Virginians every day, and they aren't talking on January 6th," he said Thursday. "They're talking about runaway inflation. They're talking about gas prices from the roof, grocery prices. They're worried about crime in their local neighborhood."

The first governor,, whose term was started in January by , discussed the parliamentary riot investigation in an interview with "CBS Morning." He also talked about the looming Supreme Court ruling on the right to abortion and an attempt to pass thestate petrol tax "holiday"in Virginia. ..

The interview is another focus on the former Presidentby the House Election Commission investigating the January 6 riots. It took place a few hours before the hearing was to be held. Pressured Justice Department officials to support Mr. Trump's election.

Although it wasapproved by Trump, Yongkin, who did not campaign with him, described the attack on the Capitol as "a true tragedy for our democracy." But he said it was too focused on it.

"I think the media cares more about this than people," he said. "There are reports of prime time, and frankly, few people are watching it. It's around a kitchen table in Virginia, where America is a runaway inflation, a crime, and a school. Because of this, these are issues that Virginians are worried about. ""

Yongkin was also asked about his proposal to temporarily suspend Virginia's gasoline tax. level. However, the Virginia Parliament rejected Yongkin's plan.

The governor, who did not address Biden's proposal, accused Democrats of blocking his efforts in the state.

"I felt that the easiest way to give Virginia people a break when they could afford it was to stop the petrol tax for three months," he said, leaving the driver at about 0.26. He said he could save dollars. gallon.

"Unfortunately, the Democratic Senate said no. I sent the bill three times, but they didn't say it three times. An easy way to give Virginians a break." Stated.

He said the plan would cost about $ 400 million to his state.

According to AAA, the national average for a gallon regular is just under $ 5, and the average for 14 states is over $ 5. In Virginia, the average price of regular gasoline is $ 4.78 per gallon, 63% higher than it was a year ago.

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